Snapchat: unveiled the first details of the Family Center, new Crying Lens filter

In the past few hours, the first details have emerged on what will be the parental control functions contained in Snapchat’s Family Center which, in the meantime, has launched a new viral filter, the Crying Lens.
Snapchat: unveiled the first details of the Family Center, new Crying Lens filter

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Snapchat, despite the success of TikTok, is still one of the most popular apps for young people: it is therefore not surprising that between the release of one AR filter and the next, Evan Spiegel’s platform is developing new parental control functions.

At the beginning of the month, during the NewFronts event, in addition to presenting new functions, Snap Inc, the parent company of the platform, rattled off, in favor of those who usually buy advertisements to show to users, some data concerning young people: in that occasion, the platform revealed that Snapchat was able to reach more than 75% of users aged 13-14 in over 20 markets, and how 80% of Generation Z in the US had watched at least one of its Originals shows. .

Now, following what CEO Spiegel said in an interview in March, Snapchat would have decided to get to work on some useful parental control functions for its app: to give the news was TechCrunch who was able get your hands on some screenshots provided by Watchful, which show the first functions of what will be known as “Family Center”.

The screenshots, perhaps taken from an English version of the hub, given that in the United Kingdom it is customary to say Center and not Center, have made it possible to ascertain that parents will be able to see who their children are friends with, since, usually, how known, the contact list on Snapchat is not public as it is on other social platforms. Likewise, the function will arrive that will allow you to see with the teenagers at home they have chatted in the last 7 days (even if they will not be able to read the conversations anyway),

Another function that has emerged from Snapchat’s Family Center concerns being able to help your little ones in reporting any abuse or harassment suffered in-app: last but not least, privacy. According to what is highlighted in the screenshots, the Family Center will not work in a hidden way but, to preserve the privacy of the young, it will provide for parents to invite their children to enter the monitoring regime of the Family Center with the consequence that the recipients of the invitation will be able to accept it. or even reject it. At the moment, however, it is not yet possible to use the Family Center (which, as previously stated in official form, should begin “in the coming months”), given that the sources assure that it is still in the early stages of development, and not yet in test.

Moving on to something already concrete, in recent weeks, Snapchat has launched a new AR filter that has quickly become viral, given that – in its first week of debut – from 4 to 11 May – more than 180 million Snapchatters have used it. for a total of 1.3 billion times: specifically, it is the Crying Lens, using which the user will result as if he were crying, even if his real facial expression is in a completely different mood.


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