Snapdragon Seamless: the new solution to use multiple platforms in unison

In the context of Qualcomm Summit 2023 Today, the popular mobile chip maker announced a new platform designed to help people connect devices running different OSes together.

We are talking about a calling platform Snapdragon Seamlessthe aim of which is to make the file transfer between operating systemsas well as connecting accessories to very different products.

In its announcement, Qualcomm cites a survey of Deloitte according to which every American family has on average approximately 21 devices. This variety, however, is often not accompanied by adequate interconnection between devices, especially if they have different manufacturers.

Qualcomm says that devices using the Snapdragon Seamless platform will be able to work together in different ways, also giving some practical examples such as:

  • Mice and keyboards which will work perfectly on PC, telephone e tablet;
  • Files and windows will be shared on different types of devices;
  • Earphones and headphones they will be able to change their behavior in a “smart” way, adapting based on one’s priority audio source;
  • The environments Extended Reality will be able to extend the capabilities of smartphones.

Snapdragon Seamless, when will it be available and on which devices?

The platform will be incorporated in the next processors of Qualcomm, including the chip Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 just announced and the processor Snapdragon X Elitemade for PC Windows. Snapdragon Seamless will also be available for devices audio e wearable.

Qualcomm says several companies, including Microsoft, Xiaomi, ASUS, Honor, Lenovo e OPPO, are working together to integrate into their upcoming products. Not only that: it also appears on the list Google which, apparently, will adopt this solution with its operating system Android. Yet there are also some great, but not unexpected, absentees: we are talking about Apple. which at the moment does not seem interested in Snapdragon Seamless.

According to Qualcomm, the first compatible devices will most likely be available around the end of 2023.


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