Social, how to choose the ideal channel for your business

Social networks have allowed many companies to achieve important business objectives, communicating with a much wider audience than they could have come into contact with through more traditional channels, increasing sales and increasing brand awareness and awareness. Being present on social media such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and other platforms is extremely important if you want to stay competitive and have the opportunity to achieve the success and results desired.

Ma which social networks to use? Not all businesses are the same and not all social channels have the same characteristics. To avoid wasting time, money and misusing other valuable resources, you need to choose to monitor only the most useful social networks for the purpose of achieving its objectives.

To make the right decision some elements need to be evaluatedsuch as your target audience, what you want to achieve, the characteristics of the main social media, your budget and the resources at your disposal.

  • 1. Choose the social channel based on your target audience

    The audience you are addressing is crucial not only for the creation of messages and the tone of voice to use, but also for choosing the most suitable social channels on which to be present. Before opening an Instagram, Facebook page, a TikTok profile or on other platforms, you need to analyze your target and identify the buyer personas to turn to.

    This means understand all the characteristics of your audience, study their interests, habits, tastes and, above all, needs. Through this study it will also be possible to understand which social channels they use the most and in what way and, based on this information, decide which platforms to use to communicate with their target.

  • 2. Define your objectives before choosing the social channel for your business

    In the strategy development phase, before definitively choosing the social network to use for your business, it is important identify the objectives with extreme precision that you want to achieve.

    These they must be SMARTi.e. specific, measurable, achievable, relevant for the company and definitive over time, with deadlines to be respected.

    There are many objectives that you may want to achieve through your activity on social networks. You may want to strengthen the brand awareness and make it more recognisable, especially among certain segments of the public.

    Social media, if used well, can help building a good reputation online, increase engagement and make customer loyalty faster, increase sales or contacts and much more.

  • 3. Evaluate the characteristics of the main social networks

    Every social network has some specific characteristics which can be crucial for choosing the right channel. The elements to consider are: the type of audience that uses them more (age, sex, habits, interests, etc.), the contents that can be published therethe rules to be respected, any possibilities to sponsor your contents and the messages you want to forward, the ways in which you can communicate with the public and the tools offered.

    Facebook is among the best known social networks, since, with its launch in 2004, it anticipated all other platforms. Organizations and companies can be present with company pages specifically designed to allow them to communicate clearly with their audience. It allows the publication of various types of content and to initiate sponsorships. It’s ideal if you want reach a large and heterogeneous audience.

    Instagram over time, it has won over numerous brands, who have decided to use it to communicate with a vast audience of all ages and very active. You can publish posts, images and videos, stories and Reels.

    X, formerly known as Twitterallows you to come into contact with audiences who are highly interested in certain topics. LinkedIn And the social network dedicated to the world of workand it is the right choice if you want to communicate with other companies or professionals in any sector.

    TikTok It has a very young audience. It allows you to communicate with users through short videos in vertical format. YouTube it is an effective promotional tool for companies, which through the platform can tell their story and promote products and services. Other social networks that could be useful to use are Threadsthe latest platform launched by Meta, e Pinterestwhich web users mainly use to find inspiration.

  • 4. Plan and manage content taking into account the necessary resources

    Being present on social media goes beyond simple registration, but it is required active participation, through constant content sharing and interaction with the public. This activity requires great commitment and the use of important resources; therefore, it is impossible to think of being able to correctly and adequately exploit all social networks, especially if you have a limited budget.

    It’s good to evaluate which figures need to be integrated into the team for the creation and publication of content, for community management and the commitment necessary to structure a valuable presence on the platforms. Taking these factors into account, you can consciously decide which and how many social channels to use.

  • 5. Monitor the results

    Once you have chosen the social channels and started your communication activity, the work is not finished. It is necessary to monitor the results obtained and check that the set objectives are being achieved.

    A timely analysis allows you to make improvements to your strategy if the results do not correspond to the desired ones.

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