Social, how to publish content automatically on different platforms

We live in an always connected world, in which being active on social networks has become essential: it is useful for promoting yourself and your business, for staying updated on what is happening in the world, for being able to start interesting conversations and for being able to show your loved ones, your friends and your followers, small important moments in your life. Managing your presence on the various platforms can become a real undertakinga commitment that requires time and attention to be taken away from your work, your hobbies and your daily life.

For this reason it can be useful to understand how automatically publish your content on the various social networks on which you are registered. Some platforms allow automation, others have made specific tools available to creators and companies. You can also use tools and programs created specifically to simplify social media management, publish content automatically and monitor the results obtained.

  • 1. How to automatically publish on Facebook, X, Instagram and Threads

    Some platforms allow automation of content publishing, allowing users to create posts in advance and schedule them. These are options that are generally reserved for those who use the platforms to promote their business, company or other organizations, and which are not available to users who have common profiles.

    Facebookfor examplehas provided this option only for pages, regardless of their type. When you create a post to publish on a page, you can decide to share it immediately with your audience or select the Programming options. By choosing Plan later you can select the date and time when the content will be made public.

    Su X, l’ex Twitter, it is possible to schedule posts, but only if accessed from desktop. By connecting to the official website of the platform, you can start creating the content. Once finished, select the button Plan, represented by a calendar icon. At this point it is possible to select the month, day, year and time of publication, also indicating the time zone to use.

    Nell’area Scheduled posts of X it will be possible to view all the contents programmed on the platform. Here you can modify or delete the previously indicated schedule and save the post in drafts.

    They are Instagram it is impossible to publish content automatically directly from the platform, but in any case it is necessary to resort to external tools and tools. On Threads the same limit exists that prevents posts from being scheduled in advance.

  • 2. How to automatically publish on TikTok, LinkedIn and Pinterest

    They are TikTok you can schedule videos, but only by accessing from the browser. After logging in with your credentials, click on Upload. You have access to TikTok Creator Center. Upload the video from your device, insert a caption, choose the target audience and, once all the fields have been filled in, press on Program video.

    Indicate the date, which cannot exceed ten days from the day you are planning the post, and the time. click on Plan.

    They are LinkedIn, a social network dedicated to professionals in every sector, it is possible to schedule posts, both from the app and from the desktop. Once you have created the content, click the button Plan and indicate the publication date and time. The reference time zone is always indicated.

    On the platform it is possible view all scheduled contentso you can edit, delete or move them to the draft section if you’re not sure you want to share them with your contacts.

    With regard to Pinterestposts can be scheduled up to 30 days in advance only if you have a business account. There are some important limitations to be aware of: you can only schedule one Pin at a time and you can have a list of up to 10 Pins planned for the future. Programming can be done from the web and mobile devices.

  • 3. Tool for content programming

    In addition to the programming tools offered directly by the various social networks, it is possible to exploit other platforms, specifically created to allow creators and users to manage your social channels and publish content automatically.

    Among the best known ones is Hootsuite, intended especially for professional social media managers. In a single tool they can be monitored and published content on Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok.

    Hootsuite allows you to publish your content on all social channels, check its effectiveness, have a calendar that allows you to quickly organize your activities and posts, monitor trends and obtain timely analyzes and reports. This is a paid programbut which allows a 30-day free trial.

    Another tool with similar functionality is Postpickra tool for Social Media Management with numerous features and which integrates with the most popular social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, X, YouTube, Pinterest and Telegram. It has features based on artificial intelligence which facilitates the creation of effective texts and images.

    Postpickr can be used for free, but for a maximum of 3 social channels. If you want access to more advanced features you must subscribe a subscription plan which has different prices based on your needs.

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