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Social media marketing, the trends expected for 2024

There’s still a few months to go al 2024but the future doesn’t wait, especially when it comes to technology and digital. It can already be done some predictions on what will be the new year’s social media trends and avoid being caught unprepared.

Let’s find out what to expect from next year and how to prepare to face it both as simple users and if you manage the web presence of companies and commercial activities.

Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, what will change in 2024

In 2024, Facebook and Instagram will continue to attract the attention of web users. Thanks to the incessant work of the developers, who work and they release new features regularlythe two social networks will most likely not succumb to the birth of new platforms.

Among Facebook’s goals for the future is to increase the presence of based tools on generative artificial intelligence, offering positive experiences. There may be, for example, automatically created quizzes to increase user engagement. The videos remain the protagonists, both in the form of Reels and posts and the AI ​​will be able to show them more accurately to all interested potential users. Investing in the creation of this content could be a good idea.

They could appear on Facebook in 2024 new types of animated posts, new stickers and there could be the introduction of a first version of avatar. A development of the metaverse and the use of viewers is also expected. Businesses could enjoy increasingly precise messaging tools and automated and new messaging-related advertising options.

As for AI and video, Instagram will follow in the wake of Facebook. We expect an evolution of Threads, a social network with very specific characteristics which for the moment is destined to remain connected to Instagram, at least until it takes on larger dimensions in terms of subscribers and content present on the platform. From this perspective, Threads could become X’s main competitor at Elon Musk.

TikTok could be focus on shopping in app and, without a doubt, will implement new tools based on generative artificial intelligence.

The future of X (formerly Twitter), Pinterest and LinkedIn

X, known as Twitter, has undergone numerous changes in recent months, but Elon Musk has no plans to stop. What he wants to develop are functions that allow you to make payments in the app, banking, shopping and other activities. Live streaming could be introduced on the platform and conversation spaces enhanced.

Artificial intelligence could come up Pinterest, even if up to now the social network has stayed away from it to guarantee the authenticity of the contents shared. On LinkedIn virtual events and video streaming could be attended and, thanks to AI, subscribers could receive advice on how to improve their chances of finding their dream job. To increase trust in the platform, broader identity verification of users is being considered.

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