Solana aims to surpass $50, while InQubeta surpasses $4.5 million

The cryptocurrency market rumors are turning towards the possibility of a bull run and the spotlight is on the top cryptocurrencies within this narrative. Solana (SOL) is a digital asset that is experiencing a formidable bull run, aiming to surpass $45 and continue its ascent. The token has risen for two consecutive months, challenging various barriers and resistance levels.

Also Qubeta (QUBE), the upcoming AI token, is experiencing an upswing as its pre-sale continues to rise. The project has maintained an upward trajectory since it began pre-sales, raising over $4.5 million in sales. Thanks to its notable features that offer great growth potential, InQubeta aims to revolutionize crowdfunding, using the Trending NFTs to provide fractional investments in AI technology startups. This article explores these cryptocurrencies and the unique characteristics that have pushed them into an endless bull run.

InQubeta (QUBE): Breaking Barriers with AI, NFTs, and Explosive Growth

InQubeta is theICO blockchain on the rise with a surge in pre-sales. Over 474 million tokens were sold, raising more than $4.5 million towards the project’s progress. The project is attracting investors’ attention due to its outstanding pre-sale and features. InQubeta’s goal to revolutionize the AI ​​industry and raise funds through crowdfunding gives it the status of a blockchain pioneer. This unique approach is possible thanks to the use of Trending NFTs representing equity in AI tech startups. Thanks to this feature, investors can support the growth of the AI ​​industry and at the same time earn on their investments.

He token QUBE has entered the fifth phase of its ten-phase presale, getting closer to launching on top exchanges. From an initial price of $0.007, InQubeta has seen a surge of over 130% and is now selling for $0.0161 per token. With a proposed listing price of $0.0308, investors entering this stage can achieve at least a 90% upside over the current DeFi token price. This ROI will drop rapidly, because only around 15% of the tokens allocated to the fifth phase remain, after which each token will be sold for $0.01925 each. An ever-increasing number of investors are taking an interest in this pre-sale, and the hope that it will sell out quickly remains among holders.

There are many ways to earn on the InQubeta platform, increasing the interest of investors in diversifying wallets with this ICO blockchain. NFTs on this platform can be traded in a marketplace where investors can see participating companies and determine whether they align with their interests. Holders of the native token also gain governance and voting rights, allowing them to participate in decisions that can push the project to reach its goals more quickly. Given the 5% staking pool on this platform, these holders can stake their tokens to earn from a 5% sales fee imposed on all transactions.

Solana (SOL): Eyes on the $50 horizon

Solana, an open-source project that provides decentralized financial solutions on the blockchain, is experiencing a surprising bull run. This digital asset has achieved star status among other tokens for its performance in 2023, defying expectations of a price decline. SOL It heads towards 50, breaking above the previous resistance levels of $35 and $40.

The price of the DeFi token of Solana has risen almost 100% since the beginning of the last quarter of 2023, recording an upward trend for two consecutive months. Having broken out of the ascending triangle pattern and the $40 resistance, the token is set to reach $50 soon. Investors SOL expect continued growth as the cryptocurrency continues to forge its path through market hurdles.


The cryptocurrency market continues to evolve and diverse best cryptocurrencies maintain a bullish trend. Solana’s surge has been impressive, with the token surpassing the previously set point of $40 and quickly heading towards a price of $45. InQubeta is also on the rise and its pre-sale has already raised over $4.5 million. The project continues its upward trajectory, attracting investors with its attractive features and the opportunity to increase potential profitability given by the combination of presale and staking of tokens on the platform InQubeta.

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