Solutions if Wi-Fi on Android doesn’t connect to the network or the Internet

Answers to solve common problems and errors with the wireless connection on Android smartphones that prevent you from connecting to the internet

Android Wi-Fi problems Suddenly our Android smartphone has stopped surfing under Wi-Fi or is it connected but it is impossible to navigate? Connection problems can be very different when Wi-Fi is activated, but we will hardly understand immediately where to intervene, since the device will only show the notches on the wireless signal strength of the network to which we are connected (which can say everything and nothing) .
Just to solve these connection problems we will show you the most probable causes of error regarding the Wi-Fi connection on Android and the related solutions, so you can resume surfing at full speed without having to activate the data connection (which often goes even slower than Wi-Fi!).READ ALSO: If the cellular data connection does not work

Android Wi-Fi problems: all the solutions

Below we have collected all the most common Wi-Fi problems of Android devices, so that we can quickly find an easy-to-apply solution.

Wi-Fi network not visible, although it is certainly present

There may be two reasons why the Android network scan cannot find a network: the first is that we are trying to connect to an Ad-Hoc network shared by Windows, the second that the network has been hidden for security reasons.

  1. Some phones Android does not work with Ad-Hoc networks like those networks created by a Windows 7 PC when sharing the internet connection. To solve this problem when we use a PC with Windows we will have to create a virtual wireless hotspot using automatic programs or the manual procedure, so as to create a wireless network that is certainly compatible with the phone.
  2. If the problem is one hidden network, you can try adding the network manually in the menu Wifi, present within the app Settings. Obviously we will have to know exactly the name of the network (SSID) in order to connect, otherwise we will never be able to find it.

The Wi-Fi network disconnects itself after some time

The reason for this problem is related to an Android system rule whereby, when the phone goes to standby and the screen turns off, it disconnects from the wireless network to save energy and battery. The solution is quite simple: let’s go down the path Settings> Wi-Fi, press on Advanced Wi-Fi and tap on the option Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep, which lets you decide when to automatically disconnect from the network.

From this item we can choose Never, Only when connected (when in office) or Always. If we use abattery saving application on Android, check that it doesn’t automatically turn off Wi-Fi or other network services.
Fortunately, on many modern smartphones this item has disappeared, but we can still find it on smartphones with pure Android or updated directly from Google, as seen in our guide Which Android smartphone has the best system.
In any case, you can use the app WiFi Doctor to correct Wifi connection errors automatically. It resets the system files related to the wifi connection and resets the network card.

The Wi-Fi network is connected but we don’t get any network IP

Understanding the reason for this problem is difficult but, if that network is definitely working, it could be a Android bug, which is often unable to properly manage the Wi-Fi generated by our modem.
First we invite you to change the transmission channel of the Wi-Fi network: maybe there is too much interference on the current one to the point of blocking the reception of navigation parameters. To change the channel we advise you to read our guide Connect to the wireless channel of the wifi network with the strongest signal, so you can set one of your choice between 1, 6 or 11 as channel, which are definitely supported by all Android smartphones.
If possible, also try setting a Static IP address in the wireless network settings on your mobile phone.

If we don’t solve it that way, there could be a problem with the modem’s DHCP server, which does not communicate the connection parameters to the phone; to solve this problem, we will have to rely on an expert friend or read our guides DHCP Guide: Assign IP Manually or Leave IP Automatically? is Enter the router to access the settings easily.

Impossible to surf the Internet even with excellent Wi-Fi

The reasons for this problem could be really many and different, but most of the time it is related to DNS server settings. First of all let’s try to navigate another device such as a PC, a notebook or a tablet: in this way we will find out if the DNS problem is exclusive to the Android phone or involves the entire network.

If the error is on the smartphone, we try to set up new DNS servers for the Wi-Fi connection in use, as seen in our guide on How to change DNS on Android. To resolve quickly we can choose Google DNS: as primary DNS e as secondary; if instead we want to try other DNS services, we recommend you read our article on faster and safer DNS address servers to protect your internet connection.

If instead the error is also present on the other wireless devices connected to the same network, we will have to try to change the DNS directly from the modem or try to reset the device, as seen in our guides to Solutions for wifi and router connection problems is How to reset the modem.

The Wi-Fi signal is weak to the point of blocking navigation

This is probably the most common problem: the Wi-Fi signal is so weak that it prevents browsing at acceptable speeds, complete with frequent disconnections and connections.
In addition to the always valid advice to move the modem, we can try to use the Wi-Fi powerline or i Wi-Fi Range Extender, so as to increase network coverage even in rooms or in parts of the house where the signal is too weak to be exploited properly.
As a corollary, we can optimize Wi-Fi using useful applications such as Wifi Analyzer, useful for checking the signal strength of our network, and Wifi Radar, for searching and locating the position of access points.

To significantly increase the Internet connection speed, we can also rely on Speedify, excellent app that allows you to change connection quickly on your mobile phone, going from Wi-Fi to data and with the ability to force the connection even with the phone on standby.


If suddenly the Wi-Fi of our Android smartphone is going crazy, just follow the advice seen above to be able to solve most of the most common problems, without going crazy between signal notches and browser that no longer opens the Web pages.

Always on the same topic, we advise you to read our guide to understand how Connect to the wifi of hotels, bars or public networks without problems of internet access.


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