How to fix Google Chrome errors if it freezes or crashes by closing itself.

Google Crash
Google Chrome It has been the most used browser in the world for several years, thanks to its speed in loading websites, the numerous extensions, and multimedia contents, which on Chrome have better performance than other browsers. Like all programs for Windows PCs, however, sometimes even the great Chrome crashes and closes by itself due to some internal and random error, which often crashes one of the browser windows (it is unlikely that the whole browser will crash, thanks to the separate processes of each tab or element).If in another article we had seen together how to optimize Chrome, in this guide we will show you how to fix any crash problems, tabs, or extensions not working that may occur on the Google browser.

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How to fix Google Chrome crash

Below we have collected all the valid methods to be able to unlock Chrome when locked; if during use we notice freezes or real crashes, following the methods shown we will be able to get Chrome back up and running in a few minutes, resuming work where we left it.

Deactivate the sandbox

Chrome uses a special sandbox to protect users’ browsing, but this function could cause the browser to crash, especially if we use the 64-bit version on Windows 10. To disable the Windows 10 sandbox, right-click on the Google Chrome link on the desktop (if we do not have one, let’s create one immediately, starting from Google Chrome from the Start menu and opening the file path with the right button), press the key Property, let’s go to the card connection, we bring the mouse cursor in the field Destination and, at the end of the string, we add the new string –no-sandbox, being careful to leave a space and avoiding deleting something.

In the end, we press down on Apply come on OK to close the window, then restart the browser for the changes to take effect. Obviously, we will have to pay even more attention when we deactivate the sandbox: we will certainly be more exposed to online attacks and malware, forcing ourselves to focus on a good antivirus to effectively protect the system.

Disable extensions

Most of Chrome’s problems are caused by extensions, which are often poorly made and also involve the navigation tabs, compromising the stability of the browser. To disable them all let’s go to the address bar at the top, insert the page chrome://extensions/, and, in the new window, we disable all active extensions on Chrome.

Once all extensions have been disabled, try to restart the browser or reopen the tabs already open; we will notice a greater speed and stability of the browser. After carrying out this check, let’s go back to the extensions window and reactivate the really essential ones (maximum 2 or 3).

Check for incompatible programs

It may seem strange but some programs on your PC can interfere with Chrome to the point of causing system crashes and freezes. To find these incompatible programs on the PC, press on the top right of the menu with the three dots, press on Settings, let’s expand the menu Advanced, we press on the menu Reset and cleaning, we select the menu Clean up your computer then finally click on the button Find.
Clean up computer

This system will scan your PC for programs that interfere with the normal functioning of Chrome, including malware, spyware, or non-optimized system settings. At the end of the search, it will be proposed how to solve the problems found and, in most cases, we will have to uninstall the reported software.

Switch to a new user profile

Another cause of constant problems on Google Chrome is user profiles, which are often filled with hidden extensions, non-optimized settings, and changes that are incompatible with Chrome (perhaps carried out by following other guides or by installing bogus optimization programs). To get Chrome back as new we can “move” to a new profile, while also keeping bookmarks, history, and any passwords saved on the Google account. First of all, we create a new user account by pressing the profile icon at the top right and pressing on the item added.
Chrome user

On the page that opens, we choose a username (even temporary), choose an avatar, and press down on add. As soon as the new user is created, we close the browser page open so far, click on the icon of the new user profile and check if the error or block that we had previously found appears again; if the new profile works well, press the profile icon at the top, synchronize with the Google account, press the gear icon (always in the profile icon menu), press the three dots icon on the old profile to be deleted and finally select Remove this person.

Reset the entire browser

If none of the methods seen so far have helped, it could be the case with reset Google Chrome from scratch. To proceed in this sense, let’s go to the menu Settings browser, expand the menu Advanced, press on the menu Reset and cleaning, select the menu Restore the original default settings, and finally click on the button Reset.
Reset Chrome

Doing so will delete all Chrome profiles and changes, which will return as just installed. We will obviously have to synchronize the Google account again to recover bookmarks and history, but this will solve most of the blocking problems on Chrome.


Even Google Chrome can slow down and freeze, but the methods shown above will allow you to quickly solve all kinds of problems, so you can immediately go back to using the most complete, immediate, and fastest browser in the world! Finally, remember that, as written on the page with Google Chrome tricks, commands, and hidden options, when a tab remains open and locked, you can write the command in the address bar about: crash to finish uploading, unlock it and then close or reload it.
If we still have problems with Chrome we can uninstall it and download the updated stable version of Chrome and do the offline installation.
In two other articles, we have also seen the solutions for two errors that are frequently seen in google Chrome: Err_Connection_Reset e Dns Probe Finished No Internet.


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