Some USB cables are harmful to our devices, here are which ones

Not everyone knows this but the old ones cavi USB they could be a problem for our devices, as happens for those too cheap and produced by untrustworthy brands.

Use a damaged cabletoo dated or economical could first of all guarantee worse charging speeds and, in the long run, damage even smartphones, tablets and everything they are connected to.

In many cases this is obvious and, for example, seeing a Broken USB cable or frayed is already a first danger sign. However, in other cases, this may not be so obvious and may cause problems without the user even realizing it.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can examine and test your cables before using them or plainly throwing them away. And given that this is a rather sensitive topic, and that could have significant economic repercussionsit is worth talking about it in more detail.

Why a faulty USB cable damages a device


It’s worth pointing out that the discussion about USB cables applies universally to all kinds of connectorshowever given the very wide diffusion and also seen the greater power that they can provide, it is useful to focus primarily on cavi USB-C.

Clearly, any faulty cable is unlikely to go to damage immediately a device but in any case it is a hypothesis not to be underestimated, because a product that does not work as it should, for example, could burn the USB port of a telephone and even cause a fire

The biggest risk is, therefore, a excessive overheating which could lead to the above problems.

This can happen in different circumstances: for example if the charger is too powerful the smartphone may not be able to handle the incoming energy and reach high temperature peaks before melting.

Many smartphones have sophisticated charging circuits that prevent this problem, in other cases the circuit is also found inside the power supply but, when we talk about cheap products, this safety measure may not be there (or may not work properly), leading to the disasters just described.

A faulty or poor quality USB cable could cause the device to which it is connected to overheat or lead to data loss during transfer

As for USB cables alone, the cheaper ones are made with low quality components that they may not be able to retain heat effectively, increasing the risk of overheating.

Doing so could damage the device it is connected to, melt the battery and even catch fire.

As already mentioned, modern smartphones have various protection systems, but in the case of cheap cables the heat could originate from the cable itself, which could cause a fire pretty quickly.

Likewise a cheap cable might do not guarantee stable connections and bring to a data loss or interruption of the connection resulting in damage to files inside the device.

Therefore, to avoid unpleasant consequences due to overheating it is always advisable to purchase a reliable and good quality USB-C cable.

How to tell if a USB cable is faulty


In some cases it is quite simple to understand if a USB cable is defective and may have β€œcosmetic defects” quite evident, like exposed wires.

This happens when a cable is worn or when it is made with a fragile materialwhich can fray more easily than one made from quality materials.

Other problems may affect the USB port con breaks or dents which may have ruined or bent one of the pins inside it.

Understanding if a USB cable is faulty is simple and aesthetic defects are an obvious alarm bell, but you must also observe the performance of the cable itself and the device to which it is connected

Here it is more complicated to see the defect, but in case of worn sockets or in poor condition, it is always good to change the cable and choose one in better condition.

If you then connect the cable you notice a slow charging of your devices, this is certainly one of the most obvious warning signs of some problem and, in order not to risk it, it is advisable to rush and buy a new cable, not only to guarantee better charging performance but also to avoid overheating or data loss .

What to check before buying a USB cable


Clearly most device manufacturers produce cavi USB reliable and high quality, but unfortunately this is not always the case.

However, if you purchase the single cable it is always a good idea to read the instructions carefully information on the packaginglisten to the opinions and reviews of those who have already used it and, obviously, Don’t save money but opt ​​for products from reliable brands, even if they may cost a little more.

Buying a quality USB cable is usually the best solution to avoid having unpleasant surprises and risk breaking your devices or having worse performance

Generally it is always better to buy a USB cable of the same brand as the device to which it will be connected, but since it is a universal connection, it could be used with different devices, so it is best to simply rely on the most recognized brands.

Therefore, in summary, it is always better to spend a few euros more and buy a well-made product, rather than saving money and buying something that is fragile, that does not guarantee optimal performance or, worse, could be harmful to your device. .

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