Sovereign AI for writing emails: what it means.  Infomaniak integrates it into kSuite

The concept of IA sovereign goes hand in hand with that of “data sovereignty”, so dear to the legislator and the European authorities. We talk about sovereign AI when the artificial intelligence solution is based on tools and technologies developed within the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA). Rather than being dependent on foreign technologies or external vendors, users who turn to sovereign AI solutions can benefit from protections, in terms of safety e protection of personal dataensured by local regulations.

Infomaniaa well-known cloud provider based in Switzerland, announced that it has just added to its kSuite, a professional alternative to Microsoft 365, a sovereign AI capable of generate new messagesformulate contextual responses, translate texts, correct spelling and reformulate emails based on user instructions.

Write emails automatically with kSuite’s sovereign AI

The artificial intelligence integrated into the Infomaniak kSuite email service comes in the form of writing assistant can be activated from the message drafting window. After typing a few words, you can ask the AI ​​to suggest one contextual responsewhich takes into account the content of previous conversations.

With a simple click, the artificial intelligence proposed by Infomaniak is capable of reformulate a message more professionally or informally, shorten it or enrich it with more details.

Writing “Translate into…”, the answer comes immediately translated in the desired language: many languages ​​are supported, including English, Europen, French and German.

Sovereign AI can also be leveraged to create new emails. Just indicate, using the natural languagethe type of message you want to obtain to immediately generate a proposal to be customized later.

Compose emails with artificial intelligence

Guarantee of data confidentiality

Although not part of the EEA, Switzerland still has stringent agreements with the European Union. Infomaniak’s artificial intelligence is currently an optimized version of Falcon LLMan open source generative model described as the best performing on the market.

By using the writing assistant, requests addressed to the AI ​​and your data are processed exclusively in the Swiss country in compliance with the GDPR and other local provisions. Furthermore, the data is never shared with third parties.

Communications with AI and the content produced bydigital assistant Infomaniak are positioned in a separate window to allow the user to decide whether to fully resume the generated text or modify the automatically created one. In this way, users cannot get confused between the content proposals generated through artificial intelligence and the message actually sent.

On a technical level, the main implementation challenge added to kSuite was to adapt the AI ​​to the context of the emails, so that proposals take into account previous exchanges, recipients and the tone of the discussion.

Sovereign AI assistant kSuite Infomaniak

Sovereign AI assistant already available in kSuite

The writing assistant is already available to all users subscribed to the kSuite service, a platform that brings together all productivity tools by Infomaniak. It already includes ChatGPT and provides the possibility of using sovereign AI also from kChat, a professional instant messaging solution. The AI ​​is also usable on both desktop and desktop mobile devices.

The operation of the new AI is managed via the Infomaniak infrastructure powered exclusively by renewable energies. It uses filtered air to cool servers and GPUs, without using any air conditioning. From March 2024, the heat generated from the new Infomaniak data center it will be fed into the district heating network of the city of Geneva.

Il email service Infomaniak already has over 2 million users; the company is known in Europe for the quality of its services and commitment to privacy, the local economy and sustainability. It now employs over 200 people, of which almost half come from European training courses. Independent, it is owned by a portion of its employees and depends exclusively on the services sold to customers to cover its expenses.


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