Spacetop G1, the laptop with AR glasses instead of the display

Spacetop G1, the laptop with AR glasses instead of the display

Sightful has announced a one-of-a-kind laptop: instead of the traditional display, it features space glasses. From the presentation video, the user experience seems to be quite similar to that of Apple’s Vision Pro, with all the relevant pros. The Spacetop G1 It arrives after tests carried out last year and is now available for pre-order.

Spacetop G1, the laptop that tries to innovate the concept of laptops by exploiting AR

Looking at just the bottom, the Spacetop G1 looks like a traditional notebook. It is in fact equipped with a keyboard and a trackpad, just like all the other laptops on the market today. The processor is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, supported in 16GB RAM tasks. And even in this case nothing strange. Right?

The innovation lies in the fact that the Sightful device does not have a display, and in fact for its use the XREAL Air 2 Ultra glasses. Although these are able to revolutionize the way of using a laptop, they are not autonomous, in the sense that they must necessarily be connected via cable to another device in order to function. Even a smartphone and a Bluetooth keyboard, for example.

Spacetop G1 - Laptop AR

The G1 brings with it several advantages. The keyboard and trackpad allow you to interact with apps and software in a natural way, just like you usually do with a “normal” laptop. In short, you don’t need to use particular gestures as in other cases. And then, quite obviously, the workspace is much more generous and dynamic.

Some use cases are shown in the commercial, as well as different models of the glasses:

The Spacetop G1, then, does not run Windows. Its operating system is Space OSan Android-based platform that allows the use of the main productivity applications, such as Zoom and Canva (but there are also those for entertainment).

This innovative device will be available in October and, at least initially, only in the United States of America. The list price is $1,900, but those who pre-order it today get a $200 discount.

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