Special Features iPhone 11

iPhone 11
The iPhone 11 closely embodies all the qualities of Apple in the field of smartphones, which for years have made it the most expensive and desired products, a model to follow even for competitors. This latest evolution of the iPhone brings with it many innovations, often inconspicuous or not immediately visible by a not very fond user or who is approaching the world of Apple smartphones for the first time.
In this guide we will introduce you to the special features of iPhone 11 able to distinguish it from any other type of smartphone; these features are unique (i.e. we will not find them on other smartphones) or are so personalized as to be unique only on iPhones (even if we are talking about technologies already on the market).READ ALSO: Which iPhone is worth buying today? versions and models available

Special Features iPhone 11

If you are undecided in the purchase of the iPhone 11, we advise you to carefully read the features described in the following chapters, so as to know well the special and unique features of the Apple smartphone.

Hardware features

IPhone 11 models

From the hardware point of view iPhone 11 improves the specifications seen on the previous generation, using the display Liquid Retina HD with True Tone, touch with haptic feedback, 625 nit maximum brightness, oleophobic surface and advanced resistance to shock, water and dust (IP68 certified). On the Pro Max series the screen is very large and offers greater values ​​of brightness and detail, so as to be able to accommodate the greater visible area of ​​the display.

Still remaining on the external body, we can see the presence of a dual camera on the iPhone 11 and the triple camera on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, capable of capturing photos in any light condition and with very distant objects, thanks to the ultra-wide angle, wide angle and telephoto lenses (the latter exclusive to iPhone 11 Pro). The camera sensors offer a variety of innovative features and some of the most significant improvements to already developed technologies; in fact we have Flash True Tone with Slow Sync, five-element lens (ultra-wide angle), six-element lens (wide angle), Night mode, Focus Pixels, 2x optical zoom out, digital zoom up to 5x, Smart HDR and various automatic systems for portraits and small photo editing (such as the mode that automatically removes red eyes). For the videos we point out that it is possible to record in 4K at 24 fps, 30 fps or 60 fps.

Other noteworthy features are all present “under the body”: here we find the enhanced battery, the fast charging system (with the special 18W charger), the wireless charging system (with Qi charger), new processor A13 Bionic flanked by the Neural Engine chip third generation, able to better support the camera and any other operation performed by the user. The other features are in line with the previous models, to the point of not considering them at all “special” or unique.

Software features

iOS 13

The new system integrates the dark modewhich can be activated from the options or can be set based on the time (at night the black theme will appear to reduce eye fatigue); True Tonewhich modifies the white rendering to optimize it for different lighting conditions; Night Shifta special mode that filters the colors and light of the screen to facilitate sleep at night; new Memoji and Animoji and optimizations to apps provided directly by Apple (such as the app Salute and the app Memorandum).

The real unique features, however, are little known or little publicized: for example the app Where (Find My in English), which allows you to track a lost or stolen iPhone or any other Apple device even when it is turned off or disabled. The system is very complex and is also based on Bluetooth: the device distributes a Bluetooth search signal that is collected by other Apple devices in the area and from there it passes to Apple and our account, so that we can always find an Apple product too. if turned off (unless it is literally smashed to pieces!).

Another unique novelty is the ability to access an app or service through the Apple accountwith the utmost respect for privacy: in a nutshell we will have a new button Register with Apple O Log in with Applewhich will facilitate filling in the registration fields and accessing services, with the possibility of hiding most of your personal information (we can also use a temporary email created on the spot by Apple itself).

Finally we point out the unique feature of being able use iPhone as an identity card or electronic driver’s license, thanks to the availability of the RFID chip (normally used only for Apple Pay) also for third party services. In short, we will be able to keep the data of the identity card, driving license or any other contact access system (such as hotel keys or airline tickets) inside the proximity chip of our iPhone 11. Obviously, this data will be carefully protected with Face ID and other additional protection systems, so as to prevent anyone who steals our phone from stealing our identity as well. At the moment there is no support in Italy, but we are sure that as it spreads we will be able to use it also on the Italian territory.


iPhone 11 (that you can buy it on Amazon starting from 850 Euro) is a concentrate of technology that is worth buying, not only because they are always iPhones (therefore aesthetically beautiful and well supported for many years), but also because there are unique features that we will hardly see on other smartphones in the next few years (and even if new smartphones with the same characteristics appear, Apple will have arrived there first anyway).

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