Speed ​​up Windows 11 and optimize your system

Speed ​​up Windows 11 and optimize your system

As we had already seen in the case of Windows 10, too Windows 11 It is usually installed using a set of settings that may not satisfy the user, be considered useless or even annoying.

In another article we explained how to perform a customized installation of Windows 11 in unattended or unattended mode: the installation of Windows 11 becomes faster and it is possible to request a series of changes that allow you to optimize e speed up the operating system.

We have also seen how to install Windows 11 yourself with the most useful programs by customizing the contents of the file ISO official.

If in the case of aunattended installation of Windows, the setup procedure does not ask the user any questions and it is possible to apply all the advanced adjustments automatically at the first start of the system, how to make Windows 11 more streamlined and adapt it to your needs when the operating system is already installed? We see it below.

Optimize and speed up Windows 11 with a script

Recovering some of the work we did when we created the file that prepares a silent installation of Windows, we created a batch that helps optimize and speed up Windows 11 with a simple double click.

At the moment the interventions applied by the script on the Windows 11 setup they cannot be undone: we therefore suggest studying the contents of the batch file and checking whether all the changes it applies are really right for you.

It is also easy to make changes to the content of the script batchfor example to remove interventions that you prefer not to be applied on Windows 11.
In any case we recommend carrying out a system backup so you can restore it in case of problems.

Enabling System Restore

Our Windows 11 optimization batch file still activates the utility System Restore and to create a new one restore point giving it the name “Preoptimization“.

If you have any problems, press Windows+R then typing rstruiafter executing the script you will be able to evaluate the recovery of the restore point “Preoptimization“.

The complete list of optimizations applied by the script on your Windows 11 system

Below are the optimizations for Windows 11 which are currently applicable with the script:

  • Enabling System Restore (10% of the drive dedicated to recovery information) and creating a restore point (“Preoptimization“)
  • Disabling automatic installation of updates via Windows Update (their availability is still reported)
  • Deactivation of telemetry
  • Disabling Bing Search in the Start menu
  • Disabling Start Menu Search Highlights
  • Turning off Windows suggested apps
  • Deactivation screen Let’s complete the setup of your device
  • Disattivazione Connected User Experiences and Telemetry Service
  • Enabling display of known file extensions in File Explorer
  • Restore classic context menu
  • Enabling classic ribbon interface in File Explorer (the intervention does not take effect with Windows 11 22H2 and later versions)
  • Desktop icon display (This PC, Network, Recycle Bin, Control Panel, user profile folder)
  • The This PC window opens when you launch File Explorer
  • Removing Microsoft Teams and Chat icons
  • Activate clipboard history for the current user
  • Turn on manual clipboard sync for the current user (only valid if you use a Microsoft user account)
  • Disabling security questions when creating new local user accounts
  • Deactivating Widgets
  • Disabling background blur (acrylic effect) on the lock screen
  • Seeing more applications in the Start menu (fewer “Recommended articles“)
  • Displaying your most used apps at the top of the list All apps del menu Start
  • Disabling the message System requirements not met for PCs that do not support Windows 11
  • Disabling the Windows Copilot feature (see later)

How to check script content to speed up Windows 11

Before running the script, you can open the batch file with a text editor like Windows 11 Notepad or with Notepad++: by deleting the blocks that are not of interest (they are all clearly commented), you can prevent the script from applying unwanted changes on the system in use.

All changes placed in the batch file can also be used in the enterprise by deploying them using GPO and an Active Directory domain controller.

To optimize and speed up Windows 11 with our script you can follow some easy steps:

1) Visit this page, right-click and choose Save with name.

2) When the dialog box appears Save with nametype in the box File name "%userprofile%\win11_optimize.bat" quotes included. Then press Salva. This way you can save the batch file in the user profile folder you are currently using.

3) Type cmd in the Windows 11 search box then choose Run as administrator.
Finally write %userprofile%\win11_optimize.bat to start the script with administrative rights.

4) A screen with a black background will appear which will apply a series of changes to the Windows configuration. At the end of the procedure, just press a key to restart Windows 11 after waiting 10 seconds.

The appearance of some errors in the black window does not affect the validity of the script and depends on the system configuration in use. The script has in fact general value.

As highlighted above, the batch file does not allow you to undo the applied changes. Before running the script we therefore recommend creating a backup of the system in use or at least a restore point (press Windows+R then type rstrui and press Enter).

Disabling Windows Copilot with script

The latest versions of Windows 11 introduce Copilotthe digital assistant that integrates with the operating system and all installed applications.

Can be called from the taskbar or by pressing the key combination Windows+CCopilot comes in the form of a sidebar that takes up the right side of the screen.

By default, the script does not disable Copilot. The following lines, in fact, begin with rem: are treated as simple comments and not as instructions to be executed:

rem echo Disattivazione Windows Copilot per tutti gli utenti
rem reg add "HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsCopilot" /v TurnOffWindowsCopilot /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f > nul

Automatically disabling Copilot for all users configured on your Windows 11 machine can be requested simply by removing references to rem corresponding to the lines indicated. It is possible to replace if necessary HKLM con HKCU so that the change is applied only to the current user.

Automatic installation of programs with Microsoft Winget

In the final part of the script there are other commented lines (they also begin with rem): This means that the code is not executed by the script.
If you also want to automatically install programs in Windows using the Microsoft program when you start the script Wingetjust remove the prefix rem from the following lines:

echo Installazione WinGet e programmi utili
powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File "%~dp0Installer.ps1"

You must then copy the file to the same folder as the batch installer.ps1 contained in the compressed archive presented in the article cited above. The file installer.ps1 can be customized to require theautomatic installation of specific programs.

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