Spotify: anti Rogan boycott end, summer playlists and Stranger Things start

In the past few hours, Spotify has announced the arrival of nice playlists to spend the summer days and to celebrate the great success of the 4th season of Stranger Things: in addition, various musicians friends of Neil Young are back on the platform.
Spotify: anti Rogan boycott end, summer playlists and Stranger Things start

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The famous Spotify audio streaming platform, which has just benefited from the end of the boycott by musicians friends of Neil Young, has announced several playlist-themed news, including some collections for the summer and one dedicated to a well-known television series, whose fourth season has just aired.

The first news in Spotify share of this start of the week has resulted in a re-enrichment of the bouquet of songs of the well-known streaming. Last January, in controversy with the denier podcast Joe Rogan Experience, the musician Neil Young had imposed an ultimatum, asking the platform to suspend the broadcast in question, given that, otherwise, as it happened, he would have withdrawn his music library from Spotify .

Other musicians were then added to this protest, including Joni Mitchell, and various friends of Young Same, including David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash who in the seventies, with Young, gave life to a very popular folk group. In the past few hours, Neil Young’s friends have communicated their return to Spotify, with Graham Nash who motivated the decision with the mea culpa made by the streaming service, through a special information platform and to the sound of podcasts (at the time, Daniek EK, CEO of Spotify, also anticipated the arrival of special warning labels before the podcasts that dealt with topics related to the pandemic). The first post-return move of the three artists mentioned above will in any case denote their constant attention to the topic, given that they will donate the first month of proceeds to various unspecified organizations that deal with Covid-19.

Still on the subject of content, Spotify has announced various summer playlists. It starts with “Summer 2022”, including various Italian catchphrases, by artists such as Fedez / Tananai / Mara Sattei (LA DOLCE VITA), Jovanotti and Sixpm (I love you baby) Rocco Hunt / Elettra Lamborghini / Lola Indigo (Caramello), Boomdabash and Annalisa (Tropicana), Elodie (Tribale), without forgetting the refrains of international stars, such as Jax Jones / MNEK (Where Did You Go), Harry Style (As It Was), etc. To this playlist, others have also been added: “Songs of Summer” collects the most famous global hits, of various styles and genres (eg I Like You – A Happier Song by Post Malone and Doja Cat’s, Big Energy by Latto) , “Sapore di Sale” will recall the songs that were listened to on our local beaches between the 50s and 60s, “Summer: the Classics of the Past” will recall the global and Italian hits that have established themselves in the other summers, “Italian Summer” he will do the same, adding the current hits as well, focusing on the Bel Paese, “pov: your summer is a movie” aims to be the soundtrack of our summer, while “Summer Chill” will propose songs to relax.

Still on the subject of content, in agreement with Netflix, the “Upside Down Playlist” was made available, a personalized collection containing the 50 songs most listened to on average by the holder of the profile, with the first track that will have the task (in quality of “shield song”), as in the fourth season of the series “Stranger Things”, to save the user from the clutches of the bad guy, Vecna, who sneaks into the minds of his victims to kill them.

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