Spotify: content news, live event feeds, podcast ads agreement

Waiting for the second season of its popular Batman podcast, Spotify has drawn up a new advertising agreement regarding podcasts, but also announced a renewed personalized feed related to live events near the user.
Spotify: content news, live event feeds, podcast ads agreement

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Even in the context of a very competitive market, such as that of audio streaming, Spotify holds the undisputed leadership in the sector, also thanks to the many initiatives that it constantly prepares for its users, as in the recent case regarding the arrival of new content. and functions, without neglecting its advertising clients.

At the Cannes Lions event we are not talking only about Netflix, but also about Spotify, which specifically announced that it had replicated with OMG, this time for the European market, the agreement already drawn up in 2020 for the USA, based on the which Omnicom Media Group customers (e.g. Chanel, Volkswagen, PepsiCo, McDonald’s, Activision) will benefit from the 422 million audience of the Swedish platform, which will also provide neuroscience studies for audio advertising, launch of a joint research program on the “performance of creative audio formats” but above all Podsights, the podcast ad measurement tool recently acquired by the great S.

Another good news, Spotify gave it during the “Dive Into The Batman Audio Universe” event when, delighted with the 1st place achieved in 11 different markets, it announced the second season for its acclaimed Batman scripted podcast. Unburied, whose first season made its debut on May 3rd. For content that arrives, one leaves. High Ground, the Obama production company, has announced a new podcast agreement with Amazon’s Audible, which will bring the well-known ex-presidential couple’s broadcasts to Seattle’s e-commerce “frequencies”. albeit not with a formula of exclusivity (which, instead, Spotify, with which the agreement expires at the end of the year, required).

Finally, a functional novelty announced in the platform’s blog. Spotify in particular has announced that the area of ​​the app known as the Concert Hub has been evolved into the Live Events Feed, a stream of concerts and live events, which are held near the user’s location, suggested based on his tastes, taking into account parameters such as frequent listening to playlists, albums and artists.

In this section, also accessible by searching for “Live Events”, you will find the personalized list of live events in the area, with a “customized for the concert” icon, other details, the concert schedule, links to buy tickets from the partners of the initiative (eg Ticketmaster, See Tickets, DICE, AXS, Eventbrite). In the renewed function, it will also be possible to choose to be notified about live events near you, also viewing the details of an artist’s live event, if on the calendar, while listening to a song.


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