Spotify for Android crashes with new update

Even the most famous applications can very often run into incredible problems, among those that are truly difficult to implement. During recent times everyone has been able to witness great updates that have implemented platforms such as Spotifybut also to many problems, especially in the beta versions.

For several days some users who have the famous music streaming platform on Android have reported a problem. Those who are signed up to the Spotify beta program have in fact encountered some very obvious bugs after carrying out the latest update.

Spotify for Android has a problem: the app suddenly crashes

If lately your Spotify app has been suddenly crashing on Android, know that you are certainly not alone. Apparently the latest beta update for the platform, on the Android side, would be fine causing the sudden crash of the app. This would all happen before the application opens completely.

The accused beta update was released in the last few days, right during the Christmas holidays. This was a big problem, since the holiday periods are often used by users to carefully select fine music tracks and enrich their playlist.

The precise version that would currently be the subject of the bug is the beta How to solve? Simple: users could remedy this by simply removing the current version which unfortunately in some cases seems unable to start. The problem does not appear on the stable version, so downloading it might be the right solution. Obviously, by uninstalling the beta version, downloaded content in offline playlists will also be deleted.

The latest problems with the beta app began on December 30th and there have been numerous reports on X/Twitter. The person reporting the issue claims that the app is completely unusable and unable to open. We’ll see what implications the matter will have, perhaps with Spotify already taking steps to remedy the situation.


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