Spotify has been crashing iOS for weeks

Although we have reached very high levels both in terms of mobile platforms and the devices that host them, it does not seem to be a problem-free period. Several users reportedly reported that Spotify it would be causing several problems for the operating system iOS dedicated to iPhones.

Report after report has been arriving for weeks regarding some issues regarding the performance of the famous application dedicated to the world of music. Spotify also seems to have officially recognized the problem, although for the moment it is not known when countermeasures will be adopted.

The very famous music streaming platform confirms that it has received many complaints from iOS users regarding the crash suddenness of the application. Another problem would concern the interruption of playback in the middle of the song, a common thing that many would have encountered. Exactly two weeks ago the company pointed out that the problem concerns the versions ranging from on. Precisely for this reason an internal investigation would have started.

Spotify, crashes and other sudden problems on iOS we are moving towards solving the problem

Since these problems were identified on these versions of the platform, Spotify has launched three new updates for the dedicated iOS application. General improvements have therefore been made which seem to have only one objective: to try to solve the problem.

Apparently, however, this has not yet been identified. In other words, the platform would have updated the application by carrying out tests, but without yet solving the problem.

There are therefore many users who continue to experience crashes and disturbances during random playback. Some reports date back to a few hours ago, while others go as far back as a few months ago. Many users, in addition to reporting the aforementioned problems, would also have noticed the sudden block during the download of a playlist while listening to it.

Everyone is therefore waiting for an update that this time can hit the mark, eliminating all these problems.


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