Spotify, how to create and scan a code

Spotify is the ideal app for music lovers who can find many songs and music albums, playlists and other content of every genre and type for free. But it doesn’t end there: over time, features designed to allow users to have been implemented on the app share your listening and your songs with friends and the dearest affections.

Music, thus, becomes sharing and a way to get to know each other better. In fact, through a simple code, you can share your favorite songs with others, let them discover new artists or suggest a specific playlist or podcast.

The Spotify code can be read like a classic QR code, but it looks totally different. Once framed, it can direct you to the Spotify application installed on a mobile device, whether with an iOS or Android operating system, to the PC app or to the Spotify website.

Il code can be created at any time by any type of userboth those who use the service for free and those who have subscribed to Spotify Premium, from apps and from the official Spotify website.

How to create a Spotify code from computer

spotify codes

If you want to create a code to share from your computer, you need to log in to the official Spotify website or, alternatively, launch the platform’s computer application (Windows or Mac). Subsequently, locate the item you want to share and click on the three dots next to it.

Click on Share in the drop-down menu and then on Copy Link. From your browser, connect to the service site Spotify Codes and insert the URL they copy into the bar on the home page. Press on Get Spotify Code. The code can be customized by choosing the background color, the bar color, the size and the format. Once you have selected each aspect, press on Download.

How to create a Spotify code from a mobile device

codice spotify

To create a code from a mobile device, start the application Spotify and locate the item you want to share. Click on the three dots next to the item. In the menu that opens, click on the image shownwhich can be the album cover (of the song or podcast) or a specially designed graphic.

The image will then open full screen. At the bottom there is a bar with the element code. click on Save to photos to save the code on your phone and forward it to whoever you want.

How to scan a Spotify code

scan spotify code

The code can be scanned and read by the mobile app. To do this, launch the Spotify application and click the button Research. Press on the camera icon and confirm your intentions by clicking on Run Scan.

Give all permissions and point the camera at a Spotify code. Playback of the scanned item starts in just a few seconds.

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