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Spotify is now also an oracle: the new feature with the answers to existential questions

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Spotify is now also an oracle: the new feature with the answers to existential questions

First music, then podcasts, then audiobooks (not globally). Now the “oracle” function also arrives. Spotify it is a platform that continues to evolveand the latest feature – also available in Europe, although a little hidden – answers users’ existential questions.

From now on you can also use Spotify as Musical Oracle. This is the new feature launched by the Swedish streaming giant, designed to answer – with a good dose of irony – questions regarding the future, the mysteries of life, and even food.

How to use Spotify’s Music Oracle feature

The first step to getting answers and immersing yourself in this “mystical new musical experience” is to go to on your smartphone or tablet. Clicking on the link will open the Spotify app with the Musical Oracle ready to answer user questions.

You can choose between a series of pre-compiled questions such as “Should I go on this appointment?”, “Should I book a holiday?” or “What should I eat for lunch?”. After selecting a question, the oracle will reflect and find a perfect song to answer the question.

Below is an example:

At this point it is possible to go back to ask new questions or listen and/or share the song suggested by Spotify.

Cosmic songs, according to Spotify

An interesting detail emerges from the press release released in recent hours regarding the tastes of listeners. The latter, globally, “have created almost 250,000 playlists related to sensitivity” useful for finding “cosmic inspiration”.

Among the most popular songs are “Cosmic Love” di Florence + The Machine, “Stargirl Interlude” by The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey” and “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac.

Speaking of music, Adobe has revealed the first details of the new sound instrument which, exploiting the powers ofgenerative artificial intelligenceyou will be able to create entire pieces of music starting from a text prompt.

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