Spotify: the NFTs and audio chatrooms of the Greenroom spin-off are coming

Some rumors circulated in the last few hours would reveal Spotify’s intention to launch into the non-fungible token sector, perhaps as another way to remunerate creators, with another development direction that would include the merger with Greenroom.
Spotify: the NFTs and audio chatrooms of the Greenroom spin-off are coming

After having improved research through artificial intelligence, Spotify, a well-known Swedish audio streaming service, has embarked on the path of innovation by proceeding on a “double track”, revealed by the reverse engineering of the leakers.

Particularly with the onset of the pandemic, a great success was paid to the Clubhouse platform which not only made its appearance with an elite invitation system on iOS but, in addition, it innovated through an “audio only” social mechanism. which took place in voice-only chatrooms (which also featured famous personalities). This meant that, in just a year of life since its foundation, this platform had already accumulated a user base of 10 million subscribers, which was tempting to many renowned competitors.

Specifically, Twitter introduced the Spaces Audio, Facebook the Live Audio Rooms, and something similar to audio chats arrived even on Reddit, Linkedin and Discord: Twitter walked the path of inspiration by Clubhouse by buying the software house Betty Labs, which had created the Locker Room app, useful for organizing audio chats based on various themes, including sports and music, so that celebrities and sportsmen could talk to their fans and create a community.

Locker Room was renamed Greenroom and, to sprint its success, the Swedish giant undertook various initiatives, such as the appointments of the weekly conversations on sports topics of the “The Fantasy Footballers” program: unfortunately, the success of Clubhouse ceased, even its clones have started to accuse difficulties, which may have also involved the creature of Spotify.

According to leaker Steve Moser, who analyzed a beta of Spotify for iOS, then shared the results with the Bloomberg portal, it seems that Daniel Ek’s company intends to bring Greenroom into the main app to stimulate its adoption, closing the standalone reality. When this materializes, it would seem around the second quarter of 2022, creators will be able to create their chat rooms directly on Spotify, to share them with subscribers who, by participating (or opening their own), will be able to use the same tools. now featured in Greenroom’s standalone app.

Moving on to another rumor, this time spread by leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, it would seem that Spotify is also preparing another change, being at work to integrate non-fungible tokens, NFT, given that the platform would be committed to supporting the digital wallet of Metamask, as also confirmed by the Financial Times which, in recent weeks, has found some job advertisements published by Spotify with a Web3 theme to flesh out the “experimental growth” team.

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