Spotify: Update in EU to show prices to iOS users

Spotify: Update in EU to show prices to iOS users

Through an official statement from a few hours ago, Spotify made it known that the new version of the app present on App Store, will get an update in the European context. The software, in fact, will now show prices and information on the features relating to the different plans offered.

The update, which requires Apple’s approval to be active, also introduces a link that allows users to purchase subscriptions on the service’s website. Spotify’s initiative appears evidently linked to what happened a few days ago, with the maxi-fine that the European Commission inflicted on Apple for anti-competitive practices.

At present, Spotify does not show the prices of the different plans on the app, thus avoiding subscriptions via the App Store which are burdened by Apple’s high commissions.

On the other hand, the leading company in the music streaming sector has already moved for some time to meet the directives of the DMA (Digital Markets Act). In this sense, however, the Cupertino giant proved to be displeased, going to loggerheads with Spotify complete with legal action.

Apple tried to integrate a new tax on downloads made from the App Store, resulting in further growth in costs for Spotify (the app that matters millions of downloads). On the other hand, Spotify accused the other party of exercising the power it has on the market in a “Abusive” to have full control over companies that produce software.

Apple recently declared that it intended to appeal against the European Commission’s decision, attacking Spotify which, in fact, is portrayed as a company that owes part of its success to the visibility offered by the App Store.

An atmosphere which, as it is easy to imagine, is nothing short of incandescent and which, over the next few months, will certainly be enriched with new chapters.

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