Spotify updates with news that only affects some users

Progress is always ready to manifest itself within one of the most popular music streaming applications ever. The reference concerns, needless to say, Spotifywhich already at the beginning of this year had announced the arrival of new tools dedicated to the creation of podcast.

These are new features that have been specifically designed to help creators interact with their listeners in new ways. These opportunities are slowly making their way through Spotify. Just starting yesterday, three new main advantages arrived for those who love creating podcasts.

The users in question thus receive more opportunities to make themselves known, to grow and to monetize their content.

Spotify updates and improves for podcast creators, here are some features

What could be identified as the most important feature aimed at podcast creators is that of completely customizing your page. It will now be much easier for creators to direct new listeners to their best content or perhaps recommend other content on Spotify.

The so-called “Show page” will include a section particular within which the podcast contents will be able to highlight a more particular episode, perhaps offering listeners a part of that content.

Another announcement has also arrived from Spotify: the platform is introducing a new useful way to recommend content within the various Show pages. If you are a podcaster you can now choose up to two pieces of content belonging to other creators on Spotify, embedding them at the top of the “More like this” tab.

Also from the point of view of monetization some news is coming. Here is an analysis of impressions, a feature that will help podcast creators understand the response to their channel on the platform. At the moment these new features are not available to everyone, but they should be soon.


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