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Spotify, with Merch for you, sells artists’ merchandising

Spotify is the application specifically designed and created by music lovers, who can use it to listen to the songs and albums they love, create personal playlists and discover new songs thanks to targeted suggestions. The user experience, already considered by many to be extremely satisfactory, is being further expanded, thanks to the creation of a hub designed to allow users to live a complete experience and to find everything they are looking for on the platform.

The hub is called Merch for you and offers members all the merchandising of the most popular artists of the moment, allowing them to make purchases directly on the platform. Let’s find out the details of this new Spotify feature.

Spotify, what is Merch for you

Buying and showing off your favorite artist’s merchandise is a habit for many music fans. Merch for you was created to satisfy this need and to allow all users to discover easily and immediately all the products on the market on a single platform and purchase them without difficulty. This way it is no longer necessary for people to search online for the pages of each individual artist.

Merch for you offers personalized suggestions and a catalog to quickly browse to find what you want. By clicking on the individual products you get all the details on the item and the presence of any variations. Purchase can be made via the artist’s Spotify store.

Spotify’s Merch for you helps artists and fans bond an even stronger connection and, at the same time, it supports singers and bands, especially smaller ones, offering them a new way to earn income and make a living from their art.

Spotify, where you can find merchandising

The artists’ merchandise can be found in the tab Merchandise which is found within the artists’ pages. It is also offered in the area Now playing while listening to the singles, albums, EPs or playlists of the artists themselves.

In the tab Merchandise of a specific artist you can browse the entire catalogue and find out if the products are available for shipping or if they are yet to be launched on the market. Once you have selected the product you will be directed to shop on Spotifyselect the details of your purchase such as size and quantity, and add the product to your cart.

Select all the items you want to purchase you can proceed with the purchase, indicating essential information such as the shipping address and the payment method to use, which includes PayPal. After the transaction, the products, based on availability, are then immediately shipped to the user.

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