Spyware Pegasus: Spain reopens investigation after request from France

Spyware Pegasus: Spain reopens investigation after request from France

According to what was reported on the website of Fox Newsand Spanish judge has reopened the investigation into the spying on the Spanish Prime Minister’s phone through the spyware Pegasus. The magistrate’s initiative, apparently, is the result of a request from France.

According to the judge, in fact, some new information coming from the transalpine territory could allow the investigations to progress further, opening up new and interesting scenarios. Both countries have had to deal with the infamous Pegasus, a tool developed by NSO. This malicious agent is able to infiltrate smartphones and similar devices and, without revealing its presence, steal the user’s personal information.

According to NSO, this tool is used by governments only for ethically legitimate purposes, such as fight against terrorism. Something, however, apparently went wrong and the spyware appears to have been used improperly.

Pegasus: investigations reopen on the mysterious cases also involving the Spanish prime minister

As stated by security researchers, in 2021 Pegasus was the protagonist of cyber attacks on more than 1,000 victims sparse in 50 countries. There appear to be several among the victims activists e journalists.

But spyware hit the headlines even later, in May 2022 Pedro Sanchez, Spanish Prime Minister, was a victim of Pegasus like three of his other ministers. Despite the investigations, it was not possible to trace who was able to reach the telephone of such an important personality.

On the other hand, a similar case has also been recorded in France, with Emmanuel Macron and several ministers who have had to deal with the same malware. Even for ordinary users, spyware remains a danger.

In this regard, in addition to downloading applications from safe sources, it is advisable to protect your smartphones through systems antivirus of proven effectiveness.

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