Stability AI: new AI model to counter competition

Stability AI: new AI model to counter competition

Se Stability AI it represented one of the first tools for generating images, today it is only one of the many tools available to users.

To reiterate its predominant position, therefore, the developers who manage the platform have decided to adopt a more recent AI model, known as Stable Cascade. This I promise greater speed and power than Stable Diffusionused so far by the service.

Stable Cascade, in addition to the photo generationcan provide different versions of the image created or try to increase the resolution of an existing photo. Other text to image editing features includeinpainting and theoutpaintingthrough which the model will interact only with a specific part of the image.

Apparently, Stable Cascade offers more options than similar models offered by tech giants such as Apple e Google. The new model is currently available GitHub but it can only be used by researchers and is therefore not accessible for commercial use.

Stability AI switches to Stable Cascade: images processed in less than half the time than before

What makes Stable Cascade so different from its predecessor? Beyond the computing power itself, it must be said that it is not a single linguistic model. This, in fact, consists of three distinct modelswhich are based on the architecture known as hot dog.

In the first stage of processing a first occurs assimilation of the prompt, which is coded based on some of the text, with two additional steps following that delve into more detail about the user’s request. The “decomposition” of the prompt allows you to save memory e increase processing speed. Stopwatch in hand, processing an image on average should take less than half as long as it used to.

Stability AI is a tool that has revolutionized graphics generation through Artificial Intelligence, despite having gone through difficult times. Specifically, Stable Diffusion was at the center of legal trouble almost a year ago due to some copyright issues.

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