Stability AI will be paid: new formula for commercial use

Stability AIcreator platform Stable Diffusion and other similar tools, has introduced a new subscription formula that changes users’ approach to the content generated. The paid subscription, in fact, allows you to use the service models also for commercial purposes.

The Stability AI subscription offers three distinct tiers:

  • one free pis uso staffuseful for testing the platform;
  • a subscription from 20 dollars a month per content creator, developers e startup (with less than $1 million in annual revenue);
  • and business plan.

All three subscriptions offer freedom of action to the user, but only the second and third allow commercial use of the generated content. Up to this point Stability AI had stood out for offering material without particular restrictions.

Stability AI and commercial use: the boundaries are still to be defined

According to the company’s CEO, Mother Mostaque, the philosophy of the same will not change that much. Stability AI, in fact, will remain open with respect to models and code available to anyone, while reserving greater freedom of action for subscribers of advanced plans.

Despite what has been said, however, there is a bit of confusion when it comes to “commercial use“. In this context, in fact, the boundaries are often blurred and users do not yet have a clear idea about it.

It’s not yet clear, for example, whether commercial use applies only to people using the models to build their own AI services or applies to images created with Stable Diffusion. On the other hand, the relationship between AI and copyright It’s a question that needs to be resolved.

Stable AI’s move towards paid subscriptions shouldn’t catch users too unprepared. On the other hand, the examples of other entities in the sector (OpenAI con ChatGPT Plus above all) have already proven to provide advanced features for their paying customers.


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