The videogame Starfield should be published next September 6, 2023.

Produced by Bethesda Softworks, this title is attracting the attention of millions of gamers, creating the ideal conditions for some bad guys to take advantage of it. Taking advantage of the hype linked to the sci-fi RPG, in fact, several cybercriminals have started several campagne malware.

Second Kevin Beaumontan expert in computer security, are several i cybercriminali who are spreading malevolent agents by exploiting the wait of the game.

On the Web, in fact, there is talk of a version of Starfield leaked before its release and spread illegally on the Web: in fact, the ideal premise for spreading fake games which in reality turn out to be malware.

In Beaumont’s blog, the researcher talks about a fake installer that, when launched, generates a fake error message. By that time, the malicious software is already working to alter the scan’s Microsoft Defender. Apparently, the first target of this attack is i token of access to Discord.

Starfield Alert: The malware opens a backdoor on the victim’s PC

Apparently, cybercriminals set out to create a convincing fake installation. We talk about official logos and icons of Bethesda, which create a plausible context.

Once the malware is installed, this opens a backdoor on the infected PC, allowing threat actors to freely access the contents on the machine.

According to Beaumont, however, there are several malware that exploit the hype of the game to spread online. In this regard, the researcher mentioned a trojan of which, at least at the moment, very little is known.

To avoid malware posing as Starfield, the first and logical step is to avoid counterfeit softwareor. This type of content, in addition to being illegal, is the ideal vector for spreading malicious agents of various types.

The adoption of a antivirus and other defense tools, can further help avoid potential risks.



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