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Stories also arrive on Telegram, what they are and how they work

Telegram is a functional and always cutting-edge instant messaging application. To offer its users all the tools they need to communicate effectively, it offers numerous updates and frequently implements new features. For the latest addition to the platform the inspiration comes directly from Instagram. It’s about Storiescontents lasting a few hours that have already conquered the users of other social networks.

The stories of Telegram have some similarities and some differences with those of other platforms. Let’s find out all the details of the new Telegram feature.

Telegram, stories arrive on the platform: the official announcement

After a long wait and many doubts, it’s now official: stories will be implemented on Telegram. A new feature and new type of content that can be used by users to communicate and send messages to friends, relatives, colleagues and strangers.

The period in which they will see the light on the platform has been set indicatively in July, according to CEO Pavel Durov. The latter said that, albeit with hesitation, it was decided to satisfy the numerous requests from users, who had wanted the introduction of stories for some time.

Stories will be simple to use and will have differences with those achievable on other social networks. The control over the content is maximumstarting from the duration of their visibility on the platform.

Telegram Stories, all the features

If stories on Instagram last 24 hours, regardless of who makes them, on Telegram this limit is exceeded. The duration is decided by the user himselfwho can choose whether to reduce the visibility time to 6 or 12 hours, leave it at 24 hours or extend it to 48 hours.

Each time a story is created, users will be able to create lists containing different contacts to show it to. Alternatively, you can precisely define who can view them: everyone, only your contacts, contacts with certain exceptions, only selected contacts or one of the created connection lists. Are Instagram only two settings are possible: show them to everyone or only to close friends.

Stories will come show above the chat list in an expandable section, may contain images and videos and captions to provide explanations, indicate links or to tag users present. Dual cameras will be supported, making it possible to post photos and videos taken from the rear and the front at the same time.

All users who will see a story they will be able to react and respond. Whoever creates content of this type will be able to know precisely who is viewing it.

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