Substack: You can now send direct messages like on Facebook

Substack: You can now send direct messages like on Facebook

The platform Substackwhich is experiencing a period of growth in recent months, has been enriched with a simple but useful function that makes it more similar to social network of a more “classical” conception.

We are talking about direct messages, present on platforms such as X, Facebook e Instagram, which will encourage interaction between users of the service. In its announcement about it, Substack specified how the ability to send or receive messages is optionaltherefore it is possible to deactivate it by users and content creators.

Furthermore, the authors will therefore be able to add a button on a post or note that invites the user to contact whoever created the content. In order to send a direct message you will need to be registered on the platformwith the text that will be delivered to the folder Requests of the relevant account.

The possibility of contacting a creator, at the creator’s discretion, may only be limited to certain categories of people, such as those who financially support the page in question.

Substack approaches the more classic social networks by offering direct messages

Substack is a service that offers an advanced blogging system mixed with newsletters, all combined in a sort of social network. The platform was founded in San Francisco in 2017, offering a new way for creators to monetize their work.

Its popularity, at least in part, is due to the introduction of the content format Note which, in many ways, is reminiscent of the classics tweet of X. Compared to Elon Musk’s platform, Substack is also similar in terms of moderation policies which offer wide freedom of speech to their users.

Despite some controversial cases, which were then blocked by the service (such as a white supremacist newsletter), Substack has repeatedly reiterated that it wants to continue following this principle, with very lax controls regarding the content published.

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