Surf the Internet for free in Italy and in the world

How to look for wifi connections to surf the internet for free in Italy and wherever we are

Free Internet Although it seemed unlikely until a few years ago, today it is possible to surf the Internet practically for free, in any part of Italy or the world, without necessarily consuming data traffic from their telephone line.
To achieve this, it is sufficient to properly exploit public Wi-Fi and hotspots provided by commercial activities (such as large shopping centers or famous chain stores) or networks provided directly by the municipalities, which increasingly cover public parks, walking areas, and limited traffic areas.
In this article, we will show you how to surf the Internet for free wherever we are, both by exploiting public network services made available to citizens (and we will see what are the ways to find free Wi-Fi in Italy), and by going to certain areas of the city where we are.

How to surf the Internet for free

Here below we have collected all the legal methods to be able to surf the Internet for free, without paying any kind of subscription or cost (often only the free registration to the reference portal is requested).

Wi-Fi hotspots offered by commercial activities

For example, just to go to the simple, in every city of the world where we find ourselves we should be able to find one McDonald’s, a Starbucks, a Burger King or any other chain of restaurants and bar that surely provides a free Wi-Fi network for all customers.
Wi-Fi McDonalds

As for hotels, you can search on sites like Booking to check if a particular hotel offers Wi-Fi in the room or the common areas. Other places that certainly offer the possibility to surf the internet for free are airports, museums, bookstores, gyms and many other places.
Usually, to access these networks we will only have to select them in the Wi-Fi menu of our device, to open an automatic Web page to log in with our free account (if we do not have one, we will be asked to create it using our email or our phone number).

Wi-Fi hotspots offered by telephone operators

Some internet providers provide free internet access in some areas of many Italian cities, as in the case of Fastweb’s WOW Fi service.

If we are in an area covered by the WOW Fi signal, we will only have to enter our credentials for the Fastweb account at the time of connection to surf for free, without consuming the data traffic included in our offer. If we have a Fastweb SIM, it will allow us to automatically access the WOW Fi network as soon as it is available.
To learn more, please read our guide on how to surf for free by activating the WOW FI Fastweb or FON Vodafone Wifi network.

Wi-Fi hotspot offered by Trenitalia

If we travel a lot by train on Frecciarossa and Frecciargento lines, we can take advantage of free Wi-Fi on all the carriages that make up the train chosen.
Wi-Fi Frecciarossa

If we are on a train of the indicated lines, we open the Wi-Fi menu, connect to the train Wi-Fi then open the Web page, so you can log in by phone number and password. Once the credentials have been confirmed, we will be able to surf the Internet for free throughout the journey, without consuming the data offer of our smartphone or tablet.

How to find other free Wi-Fi in Italy

In addition to the services indicated so far we can find much other free Wi-Fi around Italy, like those offered for example by WiFi Italia.
Free Wi-Fi Italy

By downloading the service app on our Android or iPhone device, we will be able to search for free hotspots on the map, so that we can connect to them to surf the Internet for free.
In addition to this service, many Italian municipalities and provinces offer their free Wi-Fi, so that they can access the Internet at no cost by simply entering the tax code or ID number.
Currently, we can find free Wi-Fi networks in the municipalities of Rome, Milan, Turin, Savona, Parma, Prato, Reggio Calabria, Salerno, Naples, Bologna, Florence, and many others, as we can see from the map of free hotspots.

How to find free Wi-Fi abroad

If we travel a lot abroad, finding free Wi-Fi becomes very important, since the costs of roaming surfing can be very expensive (especially outside the European Union).
To make it easier for us to search for places with free Internet, you can use an app like WiFi Map, available for free for Android and iOS.
Wi-Fi Map

In this app, we will find both the free hotspot networks of foreign cities where we go and the home networks that provide Internet access without a password (to be used with caution, since we don’t know what they can do with our exchanged data). The database includes addresses and also passwords and registration links. A paid version of the app also allows you to consult the map without going on the Internet, which is particularly useful if we are already abroad.

Another similar app to find free Wi-Fi abroad is WiFi Finder, also available for Android and iOS.
WiFi Finder

Just open the app to find us immediately all the hotspots available in the area, with maximum estimated speed. An excellent feature that allows you to save maps of an area or city offline, so you can consult them even without an Internet connection.

To learn more about the app to find free Wi-Fi we recommend reading our guide on App to find free WiFi and free wireless networks on the map.


Reading the guide carefully we realized that free Wi-Fi is practically all around us, we will only need to know them and connect at the first useful opportunity to save data traffic. If we are abroad, finding free Wi-Fi is essential if we want to make a free call or to start a chat or video chat so that we can notify our arrival and our conditions.

Since the Public Wi-Fi networks are unsafe compared to the home network (someone may attempt to steal our passwords or personal data while we browse), we strongly recommend that you connect to these networks safely by reading our articles on how Safe surfing on public wifi network, free or unprotected and alongside Better services and free VPN programs for safe and free browsing.


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