With the announcement in the past few hours, last year’s Suunto 9 Peak sports watch has gotten all dressed up for big social occasions through its new iteration “Full Titanium Black” already available for purchase.
Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black: ufficiale lo sportwatch in

After the launch of the 9 Peak model last year, the Finnish brand Suunto has formalized a variant of the same, the Suunto Peak Full Titanium Black, characterized by greater elegance, attention to materials, also in the name of considerable attention to the environment. , given that the wearable was made in Finland with 100% carbon neutral and renewable energy.

The Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black features a grade 5 titanium bezel and a case, weighing 84 grams, 10.6 mm thick, 43 mm in diameter, waterproof up to 100 meters deep, made of specially reinforced polyamide fiberglass. The strap, 22 mm, is always in titanium, but coated in diamond carbon (DLC), an alternative to the silicone strap, present in the package, which can be used perhaps when doing sports.

In terms of functions, the Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black manages GPS navigation (Glonass, Beidou, QZSS, Galileo), turn-by-turn navigation, music, receives weather alerts, allows access to coaching and includes various functions for health benefits, such as monitoring sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, recovery time and stress level calculation.

According to the company, the Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black is capable of interacting with over 200 third-party training apps, although it obviously gives its best with the Suunto app. In this case, it is possible to train in little-known areas by looking at the known starting points and heat maps, to be sure to run into other altitudes in the area. There is also the function to create routes from a smartphone, and then send them to the watch: in particular, you can create routes manually, by touching point by point or in Free Design mode, or automatically, simply establishing the starting and ending point , and the activity to be undertaken so that the system then chooses the most suitable surface (paths, all types of roads, tracks, asphalt, etc).

Still in the fitness field, the Suunto 9 Peack Full Titanium Black, thanks to the full-bodied on-board sensors, also including compass and barometric altimeter, allows you to focus on over 80 sports activities (with even specific parameters on some, such as speed and distance).

In terms of autonomy, which can be fully charged in just one hour, the Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black limits the autonomy to 25 hours in case of need for maximum accuracy in cardiac tracking or GPS localization, with the Tour mode (sampling more deferred) which instead extends operations up to 7 days. Currently, the new wearable can be purchased at authorized retailers, or in the brand’s official store, at a price of 979 euros.


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