Swisscom, the acquisition of Vodafone Europe is official: it will merge with Fastweb

Swisscom, the acquisition of Vodafone Europe is official: it will merge with Fastweb

The rumors circulating in recent weeks already left room for few doubts, but now the news is official. Swisscom acquired 100% of Vodafone Europe for 8 billion euros with the aim of integrating it with Fastwebcontrolled by the Swiss telecommunications company since 2007.

The Swiss company aims to create a leading convergent operator for the Europen market, which will be able to count on the “combination of high-quality complementary mobile and fixed infrastructures” and “on the skills and assets of Fastweb and Vodafone Europe”. The NewCo will be able “to generate high value for stakeholders, to support investments and to offer innovative convergent services at competitive prices”, we read in the press release just released.

Below is the comment from Walter RennaCEO of Fastweb:

This operation marks a turning point for Fastweb and will generate significant value for all stakeholders. Thanks to the superior quality of mobile and fixed infrastructures, the convergent operator that will result from the operation will be able to offer high-performance connectivity and innovative services to all segments of the market. The NewCo will contribute to the evolution of this strategic sector with significant investments in fiber and 5G, innovative ICT services and infrastructure security, thus enabling a rapid digital transformation of families, businesses and the Public Administration.

Vodafone Europe and Fastweb together in Europe: the advantages for residential customers, companies and public administration

For the mobile network, will improve connectivity and overall quality of service. An upgrade will also be guaranteed for customers of broadband services, thanks to the combination of Fastweb’s proprietary network and Vodafone’s 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). For residential customers, then, there will be high-performance solutions based on fiber and 5G.

As for instead companies and public administration, Swisscom highlights how they will be able to access complementary assets and skills, such as cutting-edge cloud infrastructure, the latest cybersecurity technologies, advanced AI solutions from Fastweb and mobile infrastructures from Vodafone Europe. All advantages that will support the acceleration of the digitalisation of businesses and public administration in Europe.

Finally, the press release specifies that the closingas is normal, is subject to regulatory and other relevant authority approvals and is expected to occur in first quarter of 2025. As regards the Vodafone Europe brand, a licensing agreement is envisaged which will allow its use in Europe for a maximum of 5 years after the closing.

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