WhatsApp tag For those who participate in many groups on WhatsApp, you know when it can be difficult to speak with one person or with a group of specific people, since everyone talks and leaves messages while we try to reply. To avoid confusion and misunderstandings, we can use an interesting WhatsApp function that allows you to directly tag the people who participate, so that only those tagged will receive the notification and will be brought into question, without waiting for the rain of responses from the other participants (which often they only cause confusion).
Let’s see together how to tag people on WhatsApp in groups to send the notification only to them, filtering the people we want to talk to or to whom the speech is addressed. It goes without saying that, if the group is really very large, it is preferable to contact the person in a private chat, otherwise we risk losing the thread of the speech.

Guide to mentions in WhatsApp groups

Tagging is a very useful function when the group starts to become very large: in fact we find people who talk and write messages continuously and talking about a speech or a fact with only a few people becomes practically impossible (those who have used old Internet chats knows what we’re talking about).
In order to write a message intended for only a few or to send a notification to a particular person, in the following chapters we will show you in detail what we need to do to tag a person or a group of people from the WhatsApp app, regardless of the operating system used. In a dedicated chapter we will also show you how to tag people in groups directly from the PC, so that we can manage group chats even when we work or have to spend a lot of time in front of the computer and we cannot pay attention to the phone.

How to tag a person in a WhatsApp group

To tag on WhatsApp just write, in a new message within a group, the @ (snail) followed by the name of the contact.
WhatsApp tagging

After writing the @ in the WhatsApp text field, the app will show a list of names as we type a letter, so that we can choose one of the participants that will appear in the list: to tag it, just press on the list name . Once tagged we can write the message next to it and also add emojis or other smileys, so as to have the certainty that the message will be delivered only to the desired user and will not send notifications to everyone.

How to tag two or more people in a WhatsApp group

With the @ we can also tag multiple contacts in a single message, just repeat it for each contact we want to add a contact to the message we are creating.
Multiple tags

There is no limit to the number of tags, so we can tag a large number of people without problems. Also in this case we can get help from the contact window that will appear every time we type @ and the first letters of the names, so as to tag the right people.

The tag also works with contacts that have not been saved in the address book, but that are part of the same group chat in which we are: in this specific case we will just have to specify the phone number to start tagging.

How to tag people on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp has also thought of users who often work from the PC and use WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop to keep in touch with colleagues or relatives. In fact, we can tag people in groups even from the computer; all we have to do is associate our account with the website or app (by scanning the QR code from the app, as seen in the guide Open Whatsapp via website on PC), open the group and start tagging people using @.
WhatsApp Web

The operation is identical to when already seen on smartphones, being able to use the list of contacts that will fill in on its own as we type the letters of the person or people we intend to tag in our message.

What happens if we are tagged in a group?

If we are tagged in a group of WhatsApp, we will immediately receive the notification from the app or from the PC program, even if we had activated the silent on that group: this may not appeal to all users who hoped to silence the most noisy and annoying groups silently, without necessarily abandoning it.

If we don’t want to be disturbed even by tags in group chats (we hate continuous and incessant notifications!), We want to learn how to manage the silent on WhatsApp and avoid being disturbed at work or when we do other things, we invite you to read our guide Mute Whatsapp and disable notifications on Android and iPhone.


If the tags become excessive or worse annoying, it is a good thing to learn immediately how disable WhatsApp notifications is How to activate the do not disturb function on Android in unimportant groups, so as not to be disturbed by any nonsense written by the various members, especially if they “notice” that we have silenced the group (not seeing us react, they can think about it and start tagging us by handcuffs, disturbing us).
WhatsApp groups, which can now have up to 256 participants (before the limit was 100), become more and more advanced, with useful functions such as this one of the tags that keeps conversations alive or as the possibility of quote and forward messages in WhatsApp.
If instead we are looking for new tricks to become real app experts, we invite you to read our guide to 10 New tricks and features of Whatapp, our article on Extensions for Whatsapp Web on Chrome (really useful if we often use WhatsApp Web) and finally the guide on How do you go about WhatsApp, a function often underestimated but very useful if we have to disconnect the speech and we want to avoid sending incomplete messages.


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