Taking photos with iPhone upside down, why you should

Spring photo holding an iPhone upside down apparently it seems like an extravagant decision at the very least. Yet, according to some, this is the best method for take full advantage of the features of the various models of iPhone 14 on the market.

Since June 2007, iPhones have almost always stood out thanks to theirs photographic sector. An aspect in which Apple has always invested, in order to allow users to capture the best significant moments in their lives.

The resolutionthe optics and the miscellaneous Technical specifications related to iPhone photography have been growing from model to model. At the same time, the knowledge by users of the smartphone.

Think about it in this sense courses expressly dedicated to photography and editing with iPhone. But also to tutorials, videos or simple advice from fans of the Apple device. Regardless of the level of photographic skills of the individual.

From this point of view in the last few weeks there has been a lot of talk apparently a lot of contentbizarre: a tutorial spread on social media that teaches how to take photos holding the iPhone upside down!

How the upside-down iPhone photos tutorial came about

The offending video is a short TikTok by the user @jdthecameraguy: a photographer who can boast almost 4.5 million followers on the platform.

JD’s profile is full of ideas and advice. The user talks about devices for shooting and for printinggoing into the merits of different types of photos: for example the nature and travel photosbut also i photos and selfie.

Then there are the posts expressly dedicated to iPhoneincluding one that suggests taking a picture holding the smartphone upside down.

JD uses an iPhone 14 Prowhich seems to install the iOS 16 mobile operating system. The impression, however, is that his advice can also be followed by owners of older and less updated iPhones.

How to take great photos by holding your iPhone upside down

Il method proposed by TikTok user @jdthecameraguy it’s not limited to flipping the iPhone. Indeed, in fact it is not easy to understand how much to keep the iPhone upside down affect the final chorus.

At the same time the result presented in the video is impressivetherefore it is worth giving at least a chance to this approach to photography.

The first thing to do is open thePhotos app Of iOS and select the shooting mode named Portrait. Then you have to intervene on the exposure lowering the level to -1.0. This while keeping the name setting Natural light.

After that JD recommends flipping the iPhone: probably for change the camera angle with respect to specific subjects. The user takes for example a glass containing a drinkplaced on a wooden table.

Once the iPhone is flipped you have to wait until the entry named Natural Light does not turn yellow. Now you can shoot and enjoy the result.

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