Task Scam: rain of fake job offers on WhatsApp

In recent weeks, a new form of scam, known as Task Scamwhich involves directly WhatsApp.

These are some messages, received from alleged companies, which offer an attractive job offer trying to involve the potential victim through clever advertising techniques. social engineering.

The Task Scam phenomenon has also reached our country although, in some neighboring countries, the situation is even more alarming. Just think of Switzerland, where an unprecedented number of cases has been recorded in recent days.

They fare no better in Britain where, second JobsAware (a non-profit organization that deals with job market security) between November 2022 and March 2023 Task Scam cases multiplied exponentially and continue, to this day, this frightening growth.

The scam in question, which rightfully falls into the category of attacks phishinginvolved some big brands exploited precisely to make the bait even more attractive.

The final objective of cybercriminals, in many cases, involves the proposal of some very simple tasks to complete, such as creating product reviews. The imaginary salaries are accumulated in a fictitious account. When requesting payment, some problems arise.

The Task Scam threat is taking on increasingly worrying proportions

With the payment blocked, the victim is asked for one commission to release the money. At this point, having collected the commission, i cybercriminali they disappear without trace.

Avoiding phenomena like the Task Scam is quite simple. In fact, it is unlikely that any type of company will offer any type of work via WhatsApp or similar platforms. When you receive messages of this type, therefore, the best move to take is to block the number and ignore it.

Yet, the phenomenon should not be underestimated: second CloudSEKthis type of scam has already paid off approximately 100 million euros through thousands and thousands of victims spread all over the world.


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