TeamViewer Remote revolutionizes remote control and remote access by also introducing advanced functionality for monitoring and managing corporate systems.

When it comes to remote controlTeamViewer is one of the best known and most popular solutions. TeamViewer is remote access software that allows users to remotely control a device as if they were physically in front of it.

The software is used to provide Remote Support, technical support, remotely access personal or company computers, collaborate in real time, start presentations and much more. The operation of TeamViewer is based on two main components: a client application installed or started on the PC or device to be controlled (called host o server) and a client module running on the computer or device through which support is provided. The client and host communicate with each other over a secure Internet connection using the strong encryption.

TeamViewer is used in different situations, for example, by IT administrators to provide remote technical support, by industry professionals to work remotely, by project teams for real-time collaboration, and by home users to remotely access their computers or devices.

TeamViewer Remote: the remote control solution is renewed

At the end of April 2023, the new platform was unveiled TeamViewer Remote: the historic solution for remote access, remote control and remote support is completely renewed, becoming even more integrated and intuitive than in the past. Adding the term “Remote” recalls the extent of the changes that have been introduced in the most recent version of the platform, greatly improved and optimized compared to the recent past.

The main ones novelty of TeamViewer Remote focus on five areas: interface and web client, new connection management, more details on incoming connection requests, security, remote management and monitoring of remote systems.

User interface and web client

Il design visual user interface has been radically improved making it more appealing and modern. However, these are not simple visual changes for their own sake: the application becomes simpler and more intuitive to use, with all commonly used functions immediately ready to be called up.

TeamViewer Remote: what the platform for remote control of any device is and how it works

The section Home (icon Description in Europen placed in the column on the left) offers a panoramic view of the activities gradually carried out with TeamViewer Remote and gives way to create a session, join an already created support session, send files and add more remote devices to control. In the central area of ​​the page there are direct links to the various devices that use TeamViewer Remote.

The new client WebIt also bridges the gap with desktop client modules by allowing easy management of remote devices from the browser, without the need to install anything.

Renewed connection mode

TeamViewer connections were historically based on exchanging an ID and password. The TeamViewer Remote developers have reworked the connection process to make it easier and more secure. Both sides can now initiate a support session which feels very similar to joining an online meeting. The invite links can be shared easily through various channels, such as via email or instant messaging.

TeamViewer Remote: what the platform for remote control of any device is and how it works

Furthermore, each link can only be used once and automatically expires after use. Users who prefer ID e password they can still use this method to establish a remote session: they simply have to indicate their preference by accessing a separate menu.

TeamViewer Remote: what the platform for remote control of any device is and how it works

Through a single screen you can get the complete list of devices to which we are connected in the past with information on the type of each of them and their status (offline or online). It’s an excellent one dashboard which allows the professional to keep an eye on i remote systems under its control and establish a quick connection when needed.

Learn more about incoming connections

When you start the TeamViewer Remote server module, it listens for any connection requests from remote hosts. From now on, before the remote connection is actually established, TeamViewer Remote returns a wide range of information about each connection request detected.

TeamViewer Remote: what the platform for remote control of any device is and how it works

As seen in the image, TeamViewer remote displays the first and last name of the person who created the remote support sessionspecifies where it is and invites the user to download the appropriate client (if it is already present on the system in use, just click on the appropriate link).

Users can see where the incoming connectionobtain information about the geographical location of the remote host, which domain name is involved and whether a licensed free or paid version of TeamViewer has been used.

TeamViewer Remote: what the platform for remote control of any device is and how it works

As can be seen in the image, the first part of the other user’s email address is obscured but it is still possible to know what the reference domain is (in the example

Improved security

To use the new TeamViewer Remote, it is now necessary to create a user account: the operation is mandatory and allows you to maintain more careful and precise control over the legitimate use of the entire platform.

TeamViewer Remote: what the platform for remote control of any device is and how it works

Anyone who decides to access TeamViewer Remote using a Google or Microsoft account for fast authentication (login with the OAuth protocol) is required to set up and use a personal encryption key which must be set.

TeamViewer Remote: what the platform for remote control of any device is and how it works

Furthermore, TeamViewer Remote users are required to set up two-factor authentication in order to maximize security by preventing unauthorized use of the platform.

Remote management and systems monitoring for IT administrators

TeamViewer Remote now integrates a whole series of advanced features for remote monitoring and management of systems in the field business. First of all, the new solution is able to detect any potential at an early stage IT infrastructure problems sending alerts when a device needs expert intervention.

The mechanism of resource management of TeamViewer Remote provides an overview of all distributed hardware and software devices also extracting real-time information such as IP address and operating systems used.

The specialized business team can also deploy the software to multiple devices at once by operating silently in the background installations, without disruption to end users. TeamViewer also offers a system of patch management capable of detecting the absence of critical security updates that can expose the single system (server or workstation) and the entire corporate network to any risk of attack. IT administrators can thus arrange for manual or automatic software updates and apply security patches possibly missing.

We suggest you refer to the page three easy ways to get started and choose the tools you’ll use right away to use TeamViewer in your company, office or home.


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