Telegram, a new function gives random prizes to users

The last few years have been fundamental for the growth of Telegram as a messaging platform. However, compared to rival applications, which also include the good name of WhatsApp, the company that colors its app blue would have made much more progress.

Functions are its strong point and everyone has noticed this. In fact, no one thinks that other applications in this field can beat Telegram in terms of exciting features and solutions. It is no coincidence that WhatsApp users also complained about having many fewer opportunities than those present within the Dubai-based platform.

A very interesting new announcement arrived yesterday, namely the one regarding i channels. You can now throw weapons inside them freebies, real gifts for members. The latter will therefore be able to obtain prizes in a random manner, as if some sort of system were established giveaway by the owners of the channel itself.

Telegram, channel users will be able to get random rewards with the new update

This time Telegram has done something totally new: there will be free prizes for channel participants. The messaging app said winners will be selected at random, with the chance to receive free subscriptions to Telegram Premium.

These free subscriptions will be offered in addition with other prizes that the owners will distribute. Even those who already have Telegram Premium can participate and win: in that case the subscription can be switched to a amico. There is obviously a deadline to register for this initiative, namely November 13th.

Those who want to offer this possibility within their channel must purchase subscriptions in advance. Winners will be chosen fairly with prizes distributed according to established rules. The luckiest will receive a link with the gift code.


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