Telegram: data to the German authorities, fully revealed Telegram premium

Telegram’s middle-week starts badly which, already hit by the controversy over some burning revelations regarding the protection of user data, has also seen the offer of the future Premium subscription examined in detail.
Telegram: data to the German authorities, fully revealed Telegram premium

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At the center of controversy regarding the user data provided to the German authorities, the Telegram messaging platform has recently been revealed the very complete details on its now imminent Premium subscription plan.

Telegram has always publicly reiterated not to share user data with third parties, not even with governments, often citing as proof the harsh confrontation with Moscow in 2018, resulting in a request for removal from app stores and bans on the territory of the Russian Federation. Something, however, in substance would not be exactly in these terms, as already intuited in 2018, when Telegram changed its terms on privacy, to open to requests for collaboration that had formally reached the headquarters of CEO Pavel Durov.

In recent days, the in-depth periodical Der Spiegel has published an article in which it is revealed how Telegram actually passes information to the German authorities, when it comes to investigating crimes such as terrorism or child abuse, confirming itself reluctant to collaborate in all the other cases, including the most common cases of intellectual property infringement, by sharing, in Telegram groups, IP for IPTV with which to watch movies or sporting events for free.

Telegram, of course, replied, arguing that nothing has changed compared to the past, and that “zero” bytes of data have been passed on to third parties, including governments: in the meantime, the revelations continue, which would like Durov to have participated in a call with the German Minister of the Interior regarding the need to fight together to find the criminal groups that make use of Telegram, not to mention that there would also be an e-mail from the platform, created ad hoc, to which the German authorities would send reports at each discovery of a “sensitive” content.

Meanwhile, in the past few hours, thanks to a former Telegram programmer, the list of all the benefits that will be obtained by subscribing to Telegram Premium for the modest sum of $ 4.99 per month has been completed online: specifically, you will get new stickers with animations and monthly updates in this regard, no advertising in public channels, fast downloads for documents and multimedia files, file sharing up to 4 GB (vs 2 free users, even if the storage space will be unlimited for everyone), a badge star-shaped in the profile (the description of which may have 140 characters against the 70 of free users) to confirm support for the platform,

Even for photos and videos it will be possible to use more characters, filling in longer captions. To reply to messages, additional animated reactions not present in the standard set of 16 emojis will be included: for audio messages it will be possible to obtain the text transcription while, in the chat management, it will be possible to hide the new chats from those who are not part of their contacts, set automatic archiving and default folder. Different limits will then be doubled (or almost), just think of the 4 accounts (vs 3 free) that can be managed in the app, the 400 saved GIFs (vs 200), the 10 favorite stickers (vs 5), the 10 public links for Channels and Super Channels, the pinned conversations in the folder (200 vs 100) and in the main tab (10 vs 5), the number of chat folders (20 vs 10), the number of chats per folder (200 vs 100) and the limit for Channels and Super Channels (1.000 vs 500).

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