Telegram, updating replies in chat and more

To date, it is certainly one of the most famous messaging applications ever Telegram. The most important aspect of this platform is that of the great multitude of features, a fundamental thing that has caused even the leadership of a giant like WhatsApp to falter.

Little by little, Telegram is adding more and more opportunities within it and today there is talk of a new update. According to what has been reported, in addition to what has been seen recently, there would be some useful changes to allow greater customization of two features in particular.

The improvements in question concern the answers and the sharing links. As regards replies, an aspect introduced by Telegram in 2015, comes the possibility of cite some specific parts of a message. Users can in fact choose the portion of the text of the message to which they intend to reply. Also regarding the previews of the links sent, a significant renewal has arrived.

Telegram, replies improve as well as link sharing

It will be really simple to edit a message according to the new quotation criterion. Telegram allows you to highlight the portion of text you want to respond to precisely, all by holding and dragging from word to word. At that point the “” button will appearOther“, or “Quote” in English, which will allow you to type an answer relating to what has been selected.

The sent link previews feature has also been completely revamped. This gives users more control, with the ability to change the dimension of multimedia content by choosing where to preview and also selecting which link to view first if there are several.

There is also great news for users with an account Premium: You can now personalize your account even more by choosing a color or a combination of multiple colors. The giant has also chosen to modify the Stories: Some improvements have been added that allow you to fast-forward or rewind videos posted right in them.


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