Telegram vs WhatsApp: what is the best chat app?

telegram better than whatsapp The most used message application in the world is WhatsApp, practically indispensable for any owner of a modern smartphone.
Even with all this notoriety and even if WhatsApp is and is destined to remain the universal message app, more and more people prefer Telegram, the best among applications like Whatsapp, which includes many more features, fewer limitations and greater flexibility of use.
Although, in general, every time a service becomes famous, there are always those who complain and those who say that there is something better, in this case, who says that Telegram is better than WhatsApp does it for several reasons what time are we going to examine.
But we will also see in which points WhatsApp still remains a better app than the competition, including Telegram.

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1) Whatsapp

Here below we have collected what we believe are the parameters with which to judge WhatsApp and which we must consider to define it better than Telegram (or at least on the same level).

spread: WhatsApp is preferable to Telegram and any other chat application due to the fact that everyone really uses it, therefore from the point of view of diffusion it is definitely the best app.
If, therefore, you know a new person and you exchange the phone number, 99% you can contact this person on WhatsApp, while it is not said that this has Telegram.

Video calls: another reason to prefer WhatsApp over Telegram is that while both apps allow you to make calls, only Whatsapp allows you to make video calls.
However, Telegram has the function of video messages, by touching the audio message icon and then again on the camera that appears, without time limits.

States: with WhatsApp, you can also share the status using a photo or video or the classic text status.

Sticker: to follow the advantages of Telegram, the stickers to be included in the chat have been integrated in the latest versions, so as to make the communication even more beautiful.

WhatsApp Web: by associating the phone with a QR code we can also follow our chats from the PC, but we will always have to have the phone connected and switched on (it does not work if the phone is not connected and WhatsApp is not active).

GIF: also from Telegram, the possibility of searching and inserting GIF images (ie short moving images) inside the chat rooms has been integrated.

Safety: from some version WhatsApp provides the end-to-end cryptography, that is the unique encryption between our app and that of our interlocutor.
This should guarantee good security against interception of calls, video calls, and chats, but since there is Facebook behind this “security” it must be taken with pliers.

Cheats: among the various WhatsApp tricks it is also possible to write in bold, italic and underline, to create a message formatting.

2) Telegram

Here below we have collected all the (many) advantages of Telegram, those that make it much more than an alternative to WhatsApp.

Security and Privacy: In Telegram, there is a different system for conversation security, with a secret chat mode in which all messages are encrypted and impossible to intercept or read in clear unless you are the recipient.
The nice thing about Telegram is that in the secret chat you can also send messages and photos that are automatically deleted once viewed and you can also send images, messages, and videos with self-destruct mode after viewing (with timer of your choice) and if the recipient wants to save them with a screenshot, a notification will arrive at the sender.
In Telegram, it is also possible to set an access password to open the application.
Another important feature of Telegram to better protect privacy is that in Telegram our phone number is not shared with anyone and that you can also chat from a phone without a SIM card.
In Telegram users register with the number and also with a username that can also be anonymous.

– Groups: In Whatsapp, you can create a group chat with up to 256 people; in Telegram the group can reach 10,000 members.
Definitely the best way to chat in ever larger communities, talking about the same topic or united by a common ideal.

– Channels: in Telegram, it is possible to create channels to send a message to several people (unlike the group, these people cannot communicate with each other in the channel), but this time without limits (we can also send the message to more than 10,000 people).
Thanks to this function it is possible to subscribe to information channels such as the one How2do channel, to follow the latest updates of this site.

Bot Telegram: in Telegram, you can chat with a bot, which is a virtual contact that automatically answers a certain type of question or to receive services that would normally require a dedicated app.
For example, you can find Bot to know the weather forecast, to search for videos on YouTube directly from Telegram, to track the shipment of Amazon or any other courier, to search for images, stickers, GIFs and much more.
A Bot can also be added to a group so all participants can consult it if necessary.
Truly one of Telegram’s strengths!

– Telegram for PC: Telegram can be used, in addition to the smartphone, also as a program for Windows PC, Linux, and Mac, or as a website, if you do not want to install anything.
Telegram via web works much better than Whatsapp web and can also be used with the smartphone turned off or not connected to the internet, being managed by the account registered by us.
Really a nice solution!

– Sending files: while WhatsApp allows you to send only images, videos, and PDFs with a maximum size of 16MB, Telegram allows users to transfer PDF files, Word files, spreadsheets, Photoshop files and any other type of file.
The most beautiful thing about Telegram is that you can also share very large files, up to 1.5 GB, with friends or even in groups.
You can also use Telegram as a file cloud archive without limits.

Personal file of information and files: with Telegram we will have a “personal” contact called Saved messages, which functions as a sort of “warehouse”: we can save notes, images, videos, links and so on in order to be able to reuse them from Telegram on a PC or on any other device.
By sending us the files by ourselves, we will be able to avoid having to connect a cable or use one of the file sharing services each time, relying solely on Telegram to quickly pass everything we need between smartphones and PCs (and vice versa).

– User recognition without number: if you do not want to share the phone number to chat with someone in Telegram, you can choose a username to be communicated to this person to be added to the contacts.
Each Telegram user can also be recognized with a type link that absolutely does not show the phone number or any other personal information (it can also be anonymous.)
With WhatsApp instead, you have no chance to chat with someone without hiding the phone number.
So Telegram can also chat from a phone without a SIM card.

Telegram has the best quality encrypted calls even if on WhatsApp the audio calls work very well (let’s say that on this feature we are balanced).

With Telegram you can delete the account: if you lose your phone or if it is stolen, to recover the WhatsApp account you need to deactivate the lost SIM and reconnect to Whatsapp from the new phone.
If, on the other hand, Telegram is used, one minute after understanding that the phone has been lost or stolen, you can open the Telegram site from the computer and cancel the association with our devices or better still delete the account by deleting any chat or conversation, without risking that whoever has our phone can spy on something.

3) Conclusion

WhatsApp has now reached such a level of popularity that it has become a standard used by everyone, practically unassailable.
Those who subscribe to WhatsApp will automatically find all their friends and relatives immediately ready to receive and reply to messages.
For this reason, it is absolutely wrong to advise replacing WhatsApp with Telegram, but it is right instead of advise using both.
WhatsApp is great for communicating with family or work colleagues, but Telegram is perfect for private communications, to create groups of friends with whom to exchange files, videos, photos, GIFs, to create conversations that require maximum privacy, for have a news channel and to play and to have a shared warehouse

Who uses Telegram, can be added to the How2do channel to follow the news directly from the chat.

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