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Ten Ten, a new app arrives on TikTok: how it works

Ten Ten is a new application that in a very short time it became Viral on TikTok e which is the protagonist of numerous videos and trends published on the platform. It attracted the attention of users turning their smartphone into a walkie talkiethe transceiver used in the eighties and nineties to communicate over short distances and particularly loved by young people of that era.

Ten Ten, currently, it is not available to all users, but new versions of the app compatible with all types of devices could soon be created. Let’s find out how Ten Ten works, how to download it and how to use it.

Ten Ten, what is the app that went viral on TikTok

Ten Ten is a particularly popular application which, recently, has seen an increase in downloads and uses and which can boast a large number of positive reviews from users who have tried it. It is currently only available to owners of devices equipped with the iOS operating system.

It is an application that aims to facilitate friendly relationships. Transform your smartphone into a walkie talkie to be able to talk to friends remotely. They will hear the user’s voice on their device even with the screen locked, just as if he were next to them.

Ten Ten, how it works

To use Ten Ten you need to go to the app store and download the application from the Apple App store. After completing the installation you can start using it. Quick registration is required where you will need to enter the requested data, such as your telephone number (to be confirmed via a code sent via text message).

Then indicate your username, your first and last name and add your profile photo. Ten Ten locates contacts in your address book who have already installed the applicationto allow the user to communicate with them as if they were using a walkie talkie.

Before we start talking, you will need to provide all permissions, like using the microphone and sending notifications. Subsequently, once the first friends have been identified, it will be possible to start sending the first messages to the mobile phones of one’s acquaintances.

Ten Ten and TikTok, how to create a trend

The application has become the subject of many videos uploaded to TikTok. In particular, these are short recordings in which users prank their friends, thanks to the support of the application. Their voice, in fact, it is broadcast live and instantly, without any warning. This causes small scares and, in some cases, bad looks.

If you install the application on your phone, these possible drawbacks must be taken into account. To avoid sudden interruptions or intrusive messages, it is advisable to keep your phone in silent mode or log out of the application whenever you find yourself in situations where absolute silence is required.

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