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Tesla superchargers, how they work, how much they cost, how to find them

Car owners Tesla Motors in all likelihood they have heard of the Tesla supercharger: charging stations designed specifically for refueling their vehicle.

But not everyone knows Tesla superchargers in detail: this means, for example, knowing how do they work and what type of service they offer compared to the competition. But it also means knowing where to find them o how much do they cost.

Also because Tesla adapts the tariff of its stations from country to country: sometimes preferring the price per minuteothers instead preferring the price per kWh.

What are Tesla superchargers


The term Supercharger is used to indicate a particular charging station developed by Tesla. Tesla superchargers are designed for fast charging of electric cars produced by the company Elon Musk.

The Tesla superchargers were the flagship of a communication campaign made for encourage green mobility. Especially because of their very large size spread throughout the United States.

In this historical moment one of the problems most suffered by owners of electric cars is theabsence of charging stations. Especially in comparison with stations that refuel traditional vehicles.

In 2023 Tesla managed to achieve more than 3,000 stations dedicated to electric cars, for a total of over 30,000 superchargers. And the commitment to building new plants continues.

One aspect to highlight is theexclusivity of the technology in use. In other words, Tesla superchargers allow you to recharge Tesla cars only: from Model S to Model Y, passing through Model X and Model 3.

But this limitation seems to have its days numbered. Tesla has in fact leaked that it could enable stations and superchargers to the recharge of vehicles made by other brands.

How Tesla superchargers work and how much they cost

Tesla charger

The charging speed It’s a feature that sets Tesla superchargers apart from most charging stations made by competitors. In fact, Tesla’s proprietary stations allow you to recharge an electric car with double the power of the competition.

I supercharger base reach maximum power 60 kWwhile i supercharger V2 reach maximum power 150 kW. Added to this are the supercharger V3: a new model, still in the testing phase, capable of reaching maximum power 250 kW.

The charging speed depends on the Tesla model in use. But in principle it is possible to achieve a 40% charging the battery in about 15 minutes. And reach a 80% charging the battery in about 30 minutes.

Tesla superchargers are also equipped with a whole host of advanced functions. Starting from service monitoring through app Tesla. Until you get to a complex flow management system.

Tesla stations are capable of analyze the use of charging stations and intervene when a certain employment rate is reached.

There are multiple models of Tesla superchargers, which reach different powers and charging speeds

For example: in case the station exceeds the 50% of seats occupiedi supercharger they reduce Tesla charging by a maximum of 50%. In order to speed up operations and avoid excessively long waiting times.

A final aspect to consider is cost of Tesla superchargers, which however varies based on various factors. First of all, the company offers different policies in different countries: for example, in some countries the billing per minutewhile in others the charging per kWh.

After that also the cost of energy electricity varies from country to country, as well as varying cyclically. In 2023 theEurope has embraced the charging policy with pricing per kWh, with a average price of approximately 0.57 euro/kWh.

Added to this are any extras, such as occupancy rate: a cost that is triggered when the car is electric is not removed from the pitch once charging is complete.

Also in this case the price is variable: in Europe the occupancy rate can vary from a minimum of 0.50 euros to a maximum of one euro per minute. Much depends on the occupancy level of the station as a whole.

Tesla superchargers: here’s where to find them

Tesla supercharger

I Tesla charging station numbers in Europe they are not yet comparable to those in the USA. Nonetheless, Elon Musk’s company is already present in various Europen regions: from Lazio at the Tuscanydal Trentino Alto Adige al Venetopassing through Sicily e Sardinia.

Added to this are several projects under development, which will also bring Tesla stations into Emilia Romagnain Liguriain Campania e in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

There are several ways to quickly find charging stations and the nearest Tesla superchargers. And in many cases the user just has to turn to their own smartphone.

A first way is to visit the official Tesla channels, such as the site or app. From here it is possible to consult maps updated in real time, which clearly explain what the superchargeris where to find them.

Tesla stations and Tesla superchargers are present in various Europen regions.

Alternatively you can use one of the main ones app for navigation and mobility. In both cases it should be possible to carry out a targeted search on charging stations for electric cars.

But it is also possible query a search engine directly, inserting keywords such as “station”, “supercharger” and “Tesla”. In this it will be important to pay attention to SERP and prefer results coming from trusted pages.

Finally, it is useful to remember that Tesla cars do not necessarily need to be recharged at proprietary columns such as superchargers. Therefore the user can also search for any station designed for refueling electric cars.


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