The 10 Most Popular WhatsApp Questions

help for whatsappWhatsapp is one of the top 5 most used apps in the world and is normal, given its popularity even among those less experienced with computers and applications, having doubts about.
Like for Facebook, most questions on Whatsapp are related to privacy, to those who can see what, how to find out who is online or who reads a message or, vice versa, how to hide and how to read the chat without others knowing that I have entered.
The questions then increase and the answers change following each update of the application, where the settings can change, where new functions are added also depending on the phone used, whether Android, iPhone or Windows Phone.
To make a clear summary of all the most important doubts concerning Whatsapp we see here the 10 most requested, most frequent questions, those that anyone should also do to discover things about Whatsapp that you would never think were possible.

1) Whatsapp is free or can you get it for free?

Whatsapp is not free and costs one Euro a year and cannot be downloaded for free in a pirated way, also because it is not worth it.
However, there are many conditions for which some people do not pay Whatsapp even one Euro and keep it free forever.
For example, those who had bought and downloaded it a few years ago on the iPhone will continue to use it for free.
Those who had downloaded it on Windows Phone should also be able to use it for free.
For all others, you pay after a year.
Who does not want to put his credit card has many ways to pay that annual Euro, maybe making it be renewed by a friend or using credit from the SIM.
All details on how to pay and renew Whatsapp are in another article.

2) Can Whatsapp be used on two different phones with the same account?

No, this cannot be done because Whatsapp is linked to the telephone number used.
So if you can’t use the same number on two different phones, so is Whatsapp.
The situation is different with regard to dual sim phones, on which it is possible to have two Whatsapp accounts simultaneously, each linked to one of the two numbers.
We explained how to use two Whatsapp accounts on a dual sim phone in another article.

3) Can you hide your status online on Whatsapp?

Yes, it is possible to hide from others when we used Whatsapp last time while online.
To find the option to hide the last access you must go to Settings> Account> Privacy on Android and in Settings> Chat settings> Advanced on the iPhone.
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4) Can the messages received be read without letting the writer know that we have read them?

Yes, it is possible to make sure that the sender does not see the famous blue check when we read his messages, but there is a price to pay.
If you disable the option, you will not see the blue checkboxes of the messages we send to you and we will no longer know if your friends read what we write.
To know how to do it, I refer you to the guide to disable the reading confirmation (blue check) on Whatsapp.

5) How can I delete a contact from the list?

As Whatsapp is designed, we are all connected and we can all write to everyone, as long as we have their number.
The only way to cancel a contact is to delete his number from the phone book.
But this does not prevent this contact from writing and then we move on to the next question.

6) Can a contact be blocked and prevent him from writing to us?

Absolutely yes and it can be done in two different ways.
You can simply put a number silent so that if this one writes to us we receive its messages, but the phone will not send any sound notification or even view.
To do this, just touch the options button at the top right of the contact card.
To block a number completely and no longer receive messages from this person, you must instead go to settings> Privacy, scroll down and tap on blocked contacts and then add them by pressing on the +.
Whoever is blocked cannot know it, even if he will no longer see any sign of our presence or he will not see when we have been online and if the messages sent are received (he will never see the blue and not blue double check)

7) Are Whatsapp phone calls free?

Yes, voice calls with Whatsapp are free and without limitations.
There is only one trick to be taken into account: phone calls consume bandwidth, therefore, if you do not want to end the internet traffic of the data subscription, you can reduce bandwidth consumption by going to Settings> Chat and calls to activate the option of reduced consumption.

8) What is the difference between broadcast and group?

A little-known feature of Whatsapp is broadcast, which works differently than the group.
If you start a broadcast, we communicate with all the people added, but these will not communicate with each other like in groups.
Broadcast is used to send a single message to several people without them knowing who the recipients are.
For more details, refer to the guide on notifications and group and broadcast options.

NOTE: If you add a new person to a group, it will only read the next messages and not those exchanged before your invitation.

9) Can Whatsapp be used from a PC?

Yes, using Whatsapp via the web, but not if the phone is not connected to the internet.
In fact, Whatsapp Web works only as an interface connected to the mobile phone and does not work if the phone is switched off or not connected to the internet to receive messages.
If you wish, you can also download the official Whatsapp program for PC and Mac.

10) Can I withdraw a sent message and delete it before the recipient reads it?

No, if you send a message, you can only withdraw it before the first check appears which means sent, so only while the clock icon is next to it.
If you then delete the messages exchanged with a person, they will still remain on this person’s phone.

BONUS: Can deleted messages be recovered?

Yes, as explained is possible to recover deleted Whatsapp messages and history

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