The battery life of the 2024 MacBook Pro will increase with more efficient displays

The battery life of the 2024 MacBook Pro will increase with more efficient displays

According to new reports also from internal sources, the next line of MacBook Pro will see several improvements, including the one regarding autonomy. The battery life of your precious laptops Apple will be increased by implementing a much more efficient backlight on future models.

This therefore suggests that the Cupertino company will use some mini LED brighter for the backlight by not increasing the maximum brightness level of the displays. Current MacBook Pro models use miniLED IPS LCD screens, which are nothing more than very small white LEDs; from next year these will be brighter on the new laptops that enter production.

Precisely in the fourth quarter of 2023 Apple will launch new models respectively from 14 it’s yes 16″ with the new miniLED backlight which will increase the brightness of the display by 10%. Although the company is in the process of using more power to brighten the screens even more, reports claim that engineers are working to reduce the power while maintaining a very high level of illumination.

Even more energy-efficient MacBook Pros will be presented in 2024

As the sources state, paradoxically, the increase in brightness is not intended to improve image quality, rather the aim of saving energy by improving battery life.

When we talk about the expected arrival for the last quarter of 2023, we are most likely referring to the accumulation of stocks in view of the launch which will probably take place in 2024. So enthusiasts certainly won’t be able to have the precious laptops in their hands before next year.

As a very reliable source reports, Apple has started testing a chip M3 Max which will come supplied with a new MacBook Pro model. This is a processor that will have 12 very high performance cores available, further improving what was done with the M1 and M2 previously.

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