The best features of Android 13

Android features 13

The progress of technology goes on and even the Android operating system becomes more and more complete with functions every year, faster and more suitable for daily use. The latest release from Google, namely Android 13, brings with it some important innovations, which can change the way we use the phone every day.

In the following guide we will show you in detail the best features of Android 13 on smartphonesso you can decide whether to proceed with the update or whether to buy one directly smartphone Android potente updated to the latest system version.

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1) Selective photo sharing

Private Photo Picker it is one of the most appreciated features on Android 13 on the security and privacy side. When an app asks us to access the multimedia gallery, it is possible to set access to a single photo or to a group of photos, so as to prevent the app from indiscriminately accessing all the photos in our gallery.

Opening an app asking for access to your photo gallery we can choose which photos to use, without granting access to the entire gallery; Google believes it can also integrate Private Photo Picker into Android 12 and Android 11 updates, so that all owners of old phones can benefit from this important privacy tool.

2) Selective media access

Similar to when seen with Private Photo Picker the Android 13 system is much more selective when permission is given access media files. With the new system we can choose to authorize the app to access only audio files, only videos or only photos on the phone, without authorizing indiscriminate access (very harmful to user privacy).

To take advantage of this entry, simply open the app that requests access to media files and read what file types it wants to use; if we find an app that requires access to all types of files, it is better to uninstall it or find a valid alternative that is less harmful to privacy.

Still on the subject of permissions, we can read our article on how authorize application permissions on android.

3) New clipboard management

On Android 13 we find an innovative management of text notes, able to improve the copy and paste of text between chats or between apps. In fact, the clipboard is displayed in a small dialog box at the bottom left, which shows the preview of what we have copied.

Thanks to this little preview we can touch and edit the contents of the clipboard after copying the text; the new clipboard management also works very well for images, where basic editing can be done before sharing.

When copying usable information such as URLs, addresses and phone numbers will now appear more choice optionsso you can quickly edit or copy just what you need.

To manage the notes on any Android phone in a similar way, we advise you to read our guide to best note taking apps and notes on android.

4) Custom language for each app

Among the most talked about functions of Android 13 stands out the ability to change the language for each individual app installed on the phone. The installed apps therefore do not necessarily have to follow the system language: in the Language and Input menu of Android 13 it is in fact possible to change the language for each app on the smartphone, choosing from those supported in Android.

We can for example open theNetflix app in English and keep the other streaming apps in Italian, perhaps combining one with them good US VPN to change the phone’s IP address as well.

5) New media player

Even though everyone now uses streaming apps to access music and videos, Google has seen fit improve the built-in media player in the new version of Android.

With the new player we can start local music with random playback, choose whether to play it from the phone, headphones or a Chromecast compatible device and take advantage of the new app graphics (well integrated with the latest graphic theme developed for Google Pixel).

Other media players for Android can be viewed in our articles at best Apps to listen to music on Android (offline) and at best android apps to watch videos and movies.

6) Home automation control without unlocking the phone

Who has many home automation devices (especially if branded Google or Nest) now they can use them without unlocking the phone thanks to the convenient widget available on the lock screen. This will undoubtedly speed up access to home automation devices, as no passcode or biometric unlock is required to make simple changes.

Obviously Android 13 allows you to choose whether or not to allow management from the lock screen, since this function could expose you to security and privacy problems in case of loss of the phone or unauthorized access.

The best home automation devices that can be integrated into the lock screen can be seen in the guide on home automation (Smart Home): the best devices to install and use.

7) New interpreter mode

Google’s translation potential is now known to all, but few know that theGoogle Assistant built into Android 13 can turn into a real “interpreter”translating into the target language everything we say (and at the same time translating what we are told).

To take advantage of this feature, just say “Hey Google, become an English interpreter” with the phone unlocked to start speaking and translating with the help of Google’s interpreter.

This feature is only available if we have Google Assistant enabled on our phone with Android 13; to learn more we can read our guides on how to disable Ok Google and Narrator on Android and about how Improve Google Assistant’s speech recognition if it doesn’t understand your commands.


The new features introduced in Android 13 make Google’s operating system is a benchmark in the sector. The functions shown can really change the usability of an Android phone, especially when compared with a latest generation iPhone (which can hardly replicate all the functions described above without installing some apps).

To make the most of these functions we must install Android 13 on our phone; in this regard, we invite you to read our guides on how to know the android version on your phone or tablet come on how to have Android Stock latest version on every smartphone.


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