Let’s find out together what the new functions integrated in Android 14 are, already available on Google Pixels and, now, also on the most modern smartphones

Features Android 14

Google presented the new Android 14, ready to debut on all Pixel phones (produced directly by the Mountain View company), as an update on modern phones just released on the market and as a new basic operating system for smartphones that will make their appearing in the coming months.

If we don’t know what to expect from the new Android, we have summarized it in this guide all the main new features of Android 14; we can find these features on all phones that will support this version (net of the changes that are applied by individual manufacturers).

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1) Custom lock screen

The first new feature concerns the lock screen, which we can now customize according to our needs or our aesthetic tastes.

By accessing the dedicated menu we will be able to change the style of the clock, the colors of the screen (combining them together), add shortcuts to apps or menu functions (for example we can add a button for the “do not disturb” function), use a to quickly scan QR codes, add a shortcut to your phone’s flashlight, or recreate a virtual wallet.

Many of the functions described were already available from some Android manufacturers (for example Xiaomi and Samsung), so the news mainly concerns Pixel owners or manufacturers very close to Android Vanilla.

2) AI Wallpapers

One of the most requested features by users are the wallpapers generated with artificial intelligenceideal for making your phone unique and using a new wallpaper every day and standing out from the crowd.

The operation is very similar to that seen for ChatGPT and for other AI engines: to create the wallpaper, simply type the prompt (i.e. the phrase on which to base the image) and download (or set) one or more artificially generated wallpapers as the phone wallpaper, as the wallpaper for a specific screen or as the wallpaper for the screen of block.

For further information we can read the guide to best AI image generators to create art from text.

3) Satellite emergency support

On the latest iPhone models it is possible to use GPS satellites to send emergency messages (SOS) even in areas where there is no GSM coverage (the icon appears No signal).

This feature is also introduced and enhanced on Android 14, providing users with an additional safety tool when traveling in the mountainsin sparsely populated areas or without cellular network coverage.

In order for it to work, the manufacturers (and consequently the chosen hardware) must also be compatible with the function.

4) Six-digit password

Devices compatible with Android 14 will be able to benefit from one greater protection on the lock screenusing a six-digit password, significantly more secure than the classic 4-digit password (standard on phones for many years).

In addition to the creation of a new long password the possibility of immediately unlocking the phone without having to confirm is also introduced, a function already present on many devices made by third-party manufacturers (Samsung, OnePlus and Xiaomi above all).

5) Flash to notifications

A function already seen in the past on iPhone flash your phone as soon as you receive notifications. This feature will be integrated into all Android phones that receive the new version of the operating system, without having to hope for a targeted update from the manufacturer and without using third-party apps.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to make notifications light up the flash or screen on android come on how to choose the color of the flashing LED on your smartphone.

6) Control over access to files

With the new version of Android we will have greater control over file access by apps. While now the access permission to folders and files is unique (given once the app can access any file), with the new update we will only be able to provide access to a specific category of files (audio, video, images) or only to a specific folderthus increasing control over our privacy.

To learn more we can read our ai guides App permissions on your phone to check now come on How to authorize application permissions on Android.


The new Android does not bring any real sensational innovations but it improves the user experience that we were already accustomed to with previous Android releases. Anyone who owns a modern Google Pixel will receive the update immediately, anyone who buys the Google Pixel 8 Pro it will immediately have Android 14 pre-installed while for other phone manufacturers we will have to wait for the official releases (usually within 3-4 months of release).

To check if our phone supports Android 14 and will receive this update we recommend you read our guides on why Android not updating and how to do it come on how to update android on old and unsupported phones.


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