The best Joypads to play on PC

Controller PC The PC, thanks to Steam and other game distribution platforms (such as Origin, UPlay etc.), has been transformed from a simple workstation to a handyman station where you can also enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation with a nice video game. Many game titles for Playstation and Xbox are also available on PC and can be played with a traditional controller, so as to fully enjoy the videogame experience, relegating the keyboard and mouse to point and click games and shooter games.

In the following guide we will show you what the best controllers usable on PC to play virtually any video game by considering both wireless controllers and wired controllers, so you can independently choose which one to buy.

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Controller: better wired or wireless?

Play with a wireless controller is much more convenient since we are not tied to the desk or chair and we can move freely, but we must take into account the recharging of the batteries or the integrated batteries otherwise we risk remaining “dry” at the best, perhaps during the game action! Charging times can also be very high (2 hours), therefore making it necessary to always have a spare controller in order to continue playing.

Against a traditional wired controller never leaves us on foot e it always works, although we must take into account the size of the wire and the length of the same, which could be uncomfortable to have between the feet or on the desk.

How to connect controller to PC

For Xbox branded controllers it is enough to have Windows 10 installed on PC for immediate maximum compatibility, whether using a wireless connection (Bluetooth) or using the USB cable. On PCs running Microsoft operating systems earlier than Windows 10, it may be necessary to download a driver for the Xbox controllers. The fastest method involves searching for the driver directly with Windows Update, launching it directly from the Start menu or first connecting the controller to the computer and then taking us to the tool Device management to install the dedicated receiver driver.

If, on the other hand, we buy a non-original Microsoft controller, in most cases the controller can be used immediately as a game peripheral: all we have to do is connect it via cable or via Bluetooth and wait for the automatic configuration of Windows 10. Some controllers require the installation of the driver from the CD included in the package (usually a mini CD), which contains software to customize the key configuration.

Buying Guide

To buy the best Jopypad for Windows PC you can go to Amazon where the prices are very good and you can find several low cost alternatives, both wireless and wired. To avoid any problems with the wireless versions, we recommend that you always buy two controllers (one wireless and one without) so that you can continue playing even when the wireless controller runs out.

Dhaose Xbox 360 Game Controller

Dhaose Xbox 360

If we are looking for a traditional wired controller we can consider the Dhaose Xbox 360 Game Controller, which faithfully follows the shape of the old Xbox 360 controllers but also works great with modern games, thanks to the 2 meter USB cable and Plug and Play connectivity (connects and is ready).

This controller is shipped by Amazon for less than € 25.

BIMONK Controller

BIMONK Controller

If we are looking for a wired controller that is beautiful to look at and with a design similar to that of the Xbox Series X we can focus on the BIMONK Controller, which features dual vibration motor, rear sliding triggers, dedicated LED lighting and 2 meter USB cable.

For those interested in this controller it is possible to find it shipped by Amazon for less than 30 €.

Zexrow Xbox One Game Controller

Zexrow Xbox One

Another wired controller that we can use on PC to play games like on consoles is the Zexrow Xbox One Game Controller, with the shape practically identical to the Xbox One controller (except for the presence of 4 bright LEDs in the center) and equipped with rear triggers, vibration feedback, non-slip surface and USB cable of 2 meters.

This controller is shipped by Amazon for less than 40 €.

Xbox Wireless Controller

Xbox Wireless

The Xbox Series X / S wireless controller can also be seamlessly connected to your PC via Bluetooth connection, so you can instantly play all compatible computer games using the feedback and innovative features found on this latest generation controller. This controller works with AA batteries, which we will have to procure separately and which guarantee up to 20 hours of continuous play.

The original Microsoft controller is sold and shipped by Amazon for less than € 60.

DualSense Wireless Controller


The controller of the PlayStation 5 console can also be used on the PC, taking advantage of the compatibility with Bluetooth. The DualSense is probably the most innovative controller among those presented on the next generation consoles, as it offers a number of innovative features on PS5; on PC most of these functions are not usable, but we can always use it as a simple wireless controller for our games on Steam or one of the other platforms available on PC. The DualSense has the built-in lithium battery, so we don’t have to buy any external batteries.

The DualSense Wireless Controller is sold and shipped by Amazon for less than 65 €.

Accessories for PC controllers

In order to play the controllers seen above, we recommend that you keep the following accessories at hand, so you can play on PC without worries:

  • EBL 2800mAh Xbox Battery: A kit with 2 pairs of 2800mAh rechargeable AA batteries, optimized for use on Xbox One or Xbox Series X / S controllers. The charging stand will allow you to quickly recharge the exhausted batteries and continue playing with the other couple.
  • Techkey Bluetooth 5.0 EDR key: if our computer does not have a Bluetooth connection we can fix it with this USB adapter, so that we can connect the Xbox controllers or the DualSense to the PC.
  • DualSense Charging Station: if we have one or two DualSense it is better to keep them under charge using the dedicated stand, so as to obtain the maximum charging speed.
  • RAMPOW USB Type-C cable: if we use the DualSense as a PC controller, it is advisable to also have a USB Type-C cable at hand, so that we can recharge it even while we play or use it as a traditional corded cable.

We buy only what we need (also based on the type of controller purchased) and we immediately play on PC without limitations!


As you can easily guess from this guide, the PC world has borrowed much of the peripheral or controller design from a lot of consoles: the same original Xbox and PlayStation controllers are compatible on PC and can be used for online gaming or for games downloaded to your computer.

Still on the subject of video games, we advise you to read our lists of best 60 free games for PC then how to play Playstation games without a console.


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