Removable notebook battery Technological evolution has inevitably also involved laptops (or notebooks as they are often called) leading them to be ever thinner, ever quieter and ever lighter, partially sacrificing some components (which have been reduced in size or have literally disappeared ).

Among the components of laptops that have benefited least from technological progress, the battery stands out: it has always been considered removable, now the batteries in modern laptops are thin and physically integrated with the motherboardwhich cannot be easily replaced by the user (technical welding work required).

In the following guide we will show you the best tips and tricks for choosing notebook with removable batteryeasily exchangeable.

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1) Is the removable battery missing?

Traditional notebook battery
The removable battery is now goneconsidering that by now all the new models focus on aesthetics and slim design, leaving no room for the possibility of personally replacing the battery.

In any case, we always check the information that Amazon provides regarding the battery, so as to avoid taking a laptop that perhaps does not have a removable battery but this detail has not re-emerged from the photos; we recommend that you also always check the website of the manufacturer of the chosen laptop and check on Amazon if spare batteries are available for the selected modelso as to have a definitive answer and thus focus only on models with removable batteries.

Our advice is to focus on old notebooks with a removable battery or try to discover models with integrated but replaceable battery without too much trouble on the part of the userwhich in fact only needs to unscrew a few screws and change the internal battery when necessary.

2) Notebook with easy replacement procedure

Laptop battery change A particularly expensive notebook model that allows you to replace the battery yourself and the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 7which comes with a built-in battery well hidden under the body of the laptop.

If we have problems with the battery of this notebook, all we have to do is turn off Windows fast restart, enter the BIOS/UEFI of the device, deactivate the internal battery and proceed with the actual replacement, unscrewing the screws on the rear panel and unscrewing the screws that fix the battery on the motherboard, thus being able to replace it quickly, as seen in the dedicated guide on XDA Developers.

3) Replace non-removable internal battery

Modern battery replacement Even though modern laptops only provide non-removable batteries, in reality, batteries can always be replaced by someone skilled enough to disassemble a notebookrelease the electrical contacts e change the battery case (which is always separate from the motherboard).

If we are not capable, it is better to rely on a specialized technician or assistance center of the manufacturer of our notebook, especially if we are using a Microsoft Surface o one Apple MacBookdove many components are welded; if instead we are dealing with an HP, Dell, ASUS, MSI or Lenovo notebook online there are many instructional videos that can help you change the laptop battery yourself (with a few tools); one of the best videos is the one provided by Ask A Computer Geek.

If we feel capable enough, simply choose one screwdriver set suitable for the operation, search online for a replacement battery suitable for the model of notebook in our possession and proceed with great caution, since notebooks tend to break easily.

4) Notebook with replaceable battery

Simple notebooks As a valid alternative to all notebooks and laptops seen below we have collected, in the following list, some notebooks with an internal “replaceable” batterywhich can therefore also be removed by the user without too many strange steps or unpleasant situations during disassembly.

Next to each model we have indicated a video guide or an article about how to disassemble the model shown and remove the battery:

  • HP – PC Envy X360 13-ay0000sl -> Battery replacement guide.
  • HP255 G8 -> Battery replacement video.
  • HP 255 G9 -> Battery replacement video.

These laptops aren’t even that old and they allow for replace the battery with great ease; the advice is therefore to buy these models and to always keep this guide at hand, so as to be able to access the resources to be able to replace the battery one day in case of need.


The models of notebooks with removable battery have really disappeared from the market or they are models so old that they shouldn’t be taken into consideration nowadays.

In their place we advise you to focus on models with a “replaceable” batteryi.e. an integrated battery that can be easily replaced by the user (once the two-year warranty has expired) by simply unscrewing the back panel and removing the screws that secure the battery to the motherboard, a slightly more complex but not difficult operation if we know how to disassemble a PC.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to assemble the PC and disassemble the pieces come on how to make your old laptop from a few years ago come back fast.

If, on the other hand, the notebook is old and to be thrown away, we can read our articles what to throw away, store or recycle your broken laptop come on how to recover data from a broken laptop.


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