The best portable MONITOR is from MSI, the price is super DISCOUNTED (-24%)

The best portable MONITOR is from MSI, the price is super DISCOUNTED (-24%)

It’s the perfect day for those who usually work with two screens: a portable monitor is on sale on Amazon, probably the best ever. L’MSI Optixa light, high quality display and above all today even less expensive than usual, it is available on Amazon with an excellent discount.

Very comfortable to carry and capable of releasing extraordinary quality, this screen amazes users. Its price today down by 24%totals a price of only 169 € including a two-year warranty.


The new MSI Optix 15.6″ monitor is the best laptop

MSI Optix MAG162V Portable Monitor 15.6” FHD IPS (1920×1080), ultra-thin and light, versatile travel display – USB Type-C and Mini HDMI

Super thin and in aluminum, immediately offers a premium appearance. MSI’s portable monitor is a real gem that weighs very little and can hardly be felt in your backpack. Enjoys built-in speakers which offer an exceptional audio experience even when moving. The breadth is from 15,6″ and the resolution is in full HD, all on an IPS panel that delivers a top-level experience. Just connect it via USB-C and you’re done.

This device that many people didn’t even know existed is now a best-buy on Amazon. According to reports, there is no better portable monitor than this one Optix by MSI, a real diamond to carry with you in your backpack together with your laptop. The real advantage is having a light and quality product, the latter a real habit for those who choose MSI.


The strong point is therefore also the price, as Amazon decides to launch a timed offer that discounts the 24% from the original price of €229. The final cost is therefore 169 €including a two-year warranty and even one-day shipping.

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