To make personalized Christmas greetings, we see the best sites to download ready-made card templates to print.

Christmas greetings cardsBetween real and presumed limitations that 2020 is preparing to be the Weirdest Christmas ever and, although the world situation has been and continues to be very complicated, people seem to want not to give up the usual exchange of gifts, as far as possible. Among other things, the pandemic emergency in progress seems to have brought people back to the natural need to spend more time choosing the right gift, focusing more and more on something particular.

Even the choice of a Greeting card to associate with your gift it can fall into this context and for all those who wish to customize your Greeting Card, there are websites that allow you to do it a affordable prices and with really nice and nice layouts.

If you are on a mission of this type, you will be really happy to read this article: below we will provide you with a list of templates to use for the Christmas gift card is printable postcards high quality, customizable creatives, and available in different formats.

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Let’s go take a look!

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Christmas masks

Greeting card: Christmas masks


Greeting card: Christmas snowman

Glitter Tree

Greeting card: glitter Christmas tree

Hypster deer

Greeting card: Christmas deer

Christmas sleigh

Greeting card: Christmas sleigh pulled by dogs

Merry Catmas!

Greeting Card: Merry Catmas !!

New Year’s Eve

Best Gift

christmas pattern

The dog and the fir

Snow Angels

Enjoy the holidays

Marzipan cookies

Greeting card: Christmas marzipan cookies

Christmas Card

Greeting card: Christmas card


Greeting card: snow

Santa’s coming!

Greeting card: Santa is coming!

Season’s Greetings

Greeting card: season's greetings

Christmas Gifts

Greeting card: Christmas gifts

Snow-covered fir trees

Greeting card: snowy fir trees

Illuminated fir

Greeting card: illuminated fir

Christmas Letter

Letter from NAtale

Christmas elves

Greeting card: Christmas elves

Snowy landscape

Greeting card: Christmas snow landscape


Greeting card: Snowflakes

Christmas wreath

Greeting card: Christmas wreath


Greeting card: Christmas spirit


Greeting card: ski slopes

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